Sunday, May 6, 2012


You made my day--
and 'yes' it was--
This year was the 'quietest' birthday I have had in a long time--
but I still had me some fun!!!
and I do really want to thank everyone for the comments yesterday--
I really was startin to worry if anyone was reading--
I don't mind that you don't leave comments--
just as long as you are still reading me and enjoying the posts!!!

So what did I do to celebrate today--
I started my morning off as usual--
breakfast and then some hand quilting-- actually worked on the Sunbonnet Sue block of her blowing out her birthday candles--how cute!!!
Then decided I needed to shopping--
here is the stash when I got home--
Oh you can't see anything--
well let's unload the bags--
this is from the paper bag--what is it--have no idea--but I liked it--
it is wood with alot of 'dirt and such' on it--nice wood under it--
only I kind of like it this color??????
Got this at my antique shop up on the hill--
and Sherman gave me this--
Little --
tea cup and saucer for my birthday and to go in the doll china cabinet--pretty!!!
at the other shop up on the hill--
I still had some credit--and I wanted to use it up--
so here is what I got from there--
three drinking glasses--
two little cups--that just spoke to my heart!!
a cute silver spoon, glass frog, and an old wood hanger--
not sure how I am going to use the hanger or where--
but I do know that I have lots of stuff that will display nice on it!!!!

Now to back up this story--a wee bit!!!
I left here at 11:30am--but the shops up on the hill did not open until noon--
so I just had tooooo---
shop in the quilt shop which was open--until noon--right????
and here is my 'loot' from there--
the two magazines where older issues and on sale for $2 each--
and I have already found a couple patterns in each of them that are now on my 'to make' list!!!!
And I made one more stop--
at our animal thrift shop--
Do you see what is on top of the bag????
Remember about a year ago I got the doll on the right side from there---
she is a hand made one--
but the new gal is boughten as it has a cloth body and no markings that I can find--
but then I bought her to keep dolly#1 company-soooo!!!
guess I need to name my two new gals, hu?????
any suggestions????
After reading for a couple hours after lunch--
I did clean up the white dresser--
and it is white against the doll cabinet!!!
I have to find something to paint over this cabinet--
but that means sanding, and dust--neither of which agrees with me!!!

One more quick story--
about Miss Gracie--
My daughter sent me an email birthday card--
it is 5-6 cats singing Happy Birthday--
well--Miss Gracie heard it and she went nuts--
and she ran around here actually --growling--
like a dog--it was really funny!!!

Hugs, Di and a growling kitty!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got some nice antiques. I really like how the dresser looks with the cabinet on top, just needs a little antiquing. How funny about your kitty. I love reading your posts, makes me smile.

  2. Happy Birthday miss Di, have a bLiSsFuL DaY! xxx

  3. Looks like you had a fun day!!! I like those glasses.
    I will think on names--they are so cute!

  4. Happy Birthday Di!!! Looks like you had fun today and found great treasures!

    Hugs, Carolyn :)

  5. Happy Birthday! What a special day you had just for you! Love all the treasures you brought home amd can't wait to see the projects you make!

  6. Happy Birthday Di - and many many more! Sounds like you had a lot of fun - great finds! Love the teacups- they talk to me too! LOL!

    Hugs - carol fun

  7. I almost missed it - Happy Birthday!!!!! i love the story about your singing card Glad you had such a nice day.

  8. Glad you had such a lovely day,Di!
    Best of HURRAH`s for you always:-)
    Bet presents as well as your DD`s card made your day,great for your little miss Gracie too :o)

  9. I am pleased you had a Very Happy Birthday Di...
    You brought home lots of goodies..
    Wish I could have seen Miss Grace running aroung when you played your card from Little Sis.
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday....

  10. Happy Birthday Di!!! Our birthdays are very close - mine is April 30th. You certainly found some real treasures. Miss Gracie growling - that is too funny!!

  11. Happy Birthday.....glad you had a nice day...........

  12. I wish I could have been there with you to help celebrate your birthday Di! It looks like you had a bunch of fun and got lots and lots of wonderful bits of this and that to make your heart sing! Gracie is so funny... my dog did the same kind of thing with one of those musical birthday cards. Cracks me up!

  13. I think you had a most wonderful birthday Di!
    Ok...names for your dolls...Hilda and Harriet...I must be stuck on H names right now. hee,hee,hee.
    I wish I could have seen Miss Gracie growling. That is just too funny!

  14. Happy Birthday Di!!!! Glad you had such a nice day, and you did have fun shopping I can see that! I am so way behind on my blog reading, such a busy work schedule at the moment, not even any sewing done lately, in fact haven't been in the sewing room for nearly a whole week!!!! ho-hum....your new doll is a good find too!!!!


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