Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It was a different kind of a Tuesday today--
My Anne was unable to come and stitch with me--boooo!!!!
but as this body felt like it had been run over by a truck--

I guess it was for the good!!!

I did work on my hand quilting, though,
most of the morning--
and another block is finished--
Now don't get all 'excited' here and think I forgot something on this block--
the flowers for the stems will be buttons--I just to sew them on until I am totally finished with the rest of the quilting!!!!!

This afternoon I worked on the 'Friendship' blocks from the Thread Head site--
I mean I was only 5 days behind out of the 7!!!!
and I am still alittle behind--but did make some progress--
What Miss Gracie--
Ahhhh---yes, I know I did a 'boo-boo'--but, honey, I kinda of like it this way!!!
See the block
here in the upper left hand corner--
welllll--it is suppose to be on Ohio star--
like this one--
But your mommy was sooo tired today--she turned the hourglass blocks wrong!!!
But I knda like it 'my' way!!!!
Can I keep it that way???????
what do my blog friends think?????
And I need to make a second 9 patch--forgot I needed to make 2 of them!!!
OK mom--do it your way!!!!!
I am gonna just me a nap!!!!



  1. It is your block Di and you can do what ever you like.

  2. I'd say you just designed a new block! Enjoy your creation!

  3. I like your "new" block. Miss Gracie looks quite comfy on the couch there. She is such a sweetie.

  4. Of course keep it -- it's great!! Hope you feel better tomorrow! Florence

  5. For a girl who wasn't feeling good you've accomplished a lot. Love your hand quilted block. Hope you are feeloing better today.


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