Monday, May 21, 2012


I know there was a humming bird, drinking when I snapped the photo--
but I don't see her!!!!!!
better luck next time!

And another block is done on Sue--
I love this one with the little red wagon--
I will add black buttons on the wheels of the wagon before I am all done with the quilt!!

And I am still working on the re-decorating--
here is some pictures of that so far--
I see this wall everytime I walk out of the kitchen and it makes me smile--
wonder why????
My collection of little books finally have a home and so does--
-- my Hitty doll--she really likes it here--
and I can see her now when I am sitting in my rocker working--
so I can keep an 'eye' on her!!!! and she makes me smile!!!

Here is the right side of the big white cupboard--
and here is the left side--
and if we put them together we get------
This is a totally different look than I have done before--
I have not displayed the little old hand crocheted dresses in a very long time--
so decided it was time to give them some 'air'!!
and my rabbits had not been out in a while--soooo!!!!

and I got to playing around with PicMonkey today--
and that is so  easy and alot of fun--
so here is one of them
Oh and a pretty kitty named--Miss Gracie!!!!


  1. You have so many wonderful treasures Di.

  2. Love the way you arranged your cupboard. Looks great!

  3. It all looks so cute!!! I hope the hummer gets back there to look at it or maybe that is I hope the hummer comes back so Miss Gracie can look at it!!!


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