Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Photo done inside the apartment--
Birds in the tree outside the window--
See -- I can see a bird!!!!
Yup--there is one fluffing it's wings--

lets try one more time--

Well--they look larger on my photo page!!!
they are Cedar Wax wings!!!

And a Hummingbird--
Can't you see it though the sugar-water in the feeder???
believe it or not there is a Hummer feeding there!!!!
WHat did you say--Miss Gracie!???
Oh--well you are probably right--
Mom needs to get back to sewing--
she is better at that than taking pictures of 'birds'!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and that bossy cat--Miss Gracie

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  1. Miss Gracie has the best seat in the house. I see the birdies!


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