Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Made it to the sewing room today--
what an adventure!!!!
I was trying to be good and start at the top of the pile!!!!
and the first items were some counted cross stitch that needed framing--
first up was this sampler--
and I did find just the right sized frame--
(at the sales on Saturday--remember??)
and here is her new place of honor--
then there was this small one--
and in my frame stash I found this frame--just this ones size!!!
and here is her place of honor-
and there is a 3rd one--but that one is not quite finished--
but has been worked on--

the next project was the little blocks I did about a month ago from the Homespun blog site--
and what a 'hoot' this one was--
first some of the little blocks was missing--
after searching high and low--I did locate them--
got the center all put together--started sewing the border strips on--
that is after I lost the 4 patch corner blocks--again!!!!
the border strips were to be 3" wide--
but after sewing the long sides on, I did not like it--
the tiny blocks looked so lost to me--
so cut them down to 1 1/2" strips--
See I think I like this alot better--
but the joke is also on me--
those 4 patches for the corner's that I kept losing and having to spend time finding--
wellllll--I could not use them after all--had to just cut 4- 1 1/2" squares for the corners!!!!!

I do have to say--after having not been in the sewing room to sew for a couple weeks--
I feel like a fish out the water--but at least I got my 'feet' wet for tomorrow!!!!!

Oh and here is Junes kitty on my cat calendar on the cat wall--!!!!

By the way has anyone seen that rabbit that I got Saturday at the rummage sales?????
She is missing--

Oh--bunny--where are you????????

Hugs, Di and her kitty cat--that Miss Gracie


  1. I think you did swimmingly!!! Sorry I couldn't resist. It all looks so nice.

  2. Lovely cross stitches Di...

    Oh I see him tucked up amomgst the crochet.

  3. Beautiful cross stitch and your frames are the perfect finish. Oh that bunny is a sneaky one - I think he's taking a nice nap in that soft pile of crochet. Hope tomorrow is a good one for time in the sewing room!


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