Monday, June 18, 2012


we have seen lots to do with the water--
so now it is time to take to the roads---
I was thinking about one of these--
but decided there was too much shiny chrome on them--
bad on the eyes!!!
Now this Harley has lots of compartments for all my quilting and knitting supplies--
might even find enough room in one of them for some chocolate!!!
but--the color is all wrong for me--tooo orange!!!!
Now here is a pretty ride--
and I do like red--
but---I don't know---????
Ahhh--now here is a 'cool' ride--red and purple--Queen rides again!!!!
and look at the compartments--could get some things in there to work on!!!
This one would probably be more my style!!!!

Haaaave a fun day --
sew up a storm--we need rain again--
but we have a real hot heat wave coming!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Wow! Love those bikes!!! Always loved bikes, looks like perfect weather for a long country ride!!!!

  2. That's it??? I was expecting to see one with a sidecar - for Miss gracie!

  3. Oh what you need is a motorcycle with a sidecar! A couple in my neighborhood has one and they were tooling around this weekend - very cool! Have a great week -

  4. Hey, I sure do enjoy seeing all the Harleys. I even like the noise they make - cuz then at least I know they are there when I'm driving. Did you find a nice motorcycle club to join? TeeHeeHee! Did you see the Hearse Harley on my blog?


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