Saturday, June 2, 2012


Now before I even begin this show and tell of spending--
let's remember 'one' thing--
nothing I am about to show you--
was in a way 'needed' by me!!!!
But--all items 'needed' me to bring them home and to give them a new place to be loved and cared for!!!

today was Saturday here--
and the first Saturday of June is our town's village day rummage sales--
it is about the only time all summer I get to go to them--
so I did get brave this morning and ventured out---
Two books--the blue one is for decorating--has a really neat spine on it--
the second one--would like to read more about these fine ladies after reading the 'bits' that Eleanor Burns wrote about them in her newest quilt book--
2 bags of neat trims and 2 picture frames--
a neat shaped and designed oval stoneware 'plate'---
A beautiful old plate--have seen these before--but they usually have fruit on them--
just love these flowers---
cute little doll--
and a pretty 'topless' sugar bowl--old!!!
these came from a Church sale--fill a bag for $3--
did not fill it--only got these things!!!!

at another sale--
one cute 'homeless' bunny--
a 'homeless' Easter rabbit and this cute container--
probably flowers will go in this!!??
these 4 items where $1.00--
and at another sale--this cute vase with these 4 glass ice tea stirrer's in it--
for $1.00--
and that was all--


Then I got into more trouble by walking over town after lunch--
I did go to the Quilt shop--not sure why--but you know how it goes--
I was looking at a pattern--as I do not, remember, I do not need any more fabric--
really I don't---
I turned around and on the cutting  counter I saw "pink"--
 and we know what 'pink' does to Di---it screams---
"you got to have some of me"!!!!
One side of my brain is saying--you do not decorate at Christmas with pink--
you only do red and green--
while the other side of my brain is telling the clerk--please cut me a yard of that!!!!!!!!!
Now could you say 'no' this cute fabric--and guess who it is by?????
Why Anni Downs---
and then the clerk asks me if I want more of the line--
oh--noooooo--there is more of this---
Ohhhh--look at this panel of blocks and I am not showing you all of them--
Sweet Sweet--OK clerk-- I will take a panel of that too--
then she asks--
would you like some of the other fabrics to this line too???
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh--now I am in trouble here--
Heart be stillllllll---
I only got quarter yard pieces--does that give me any 'credit'?????
and I think I did pass on about 3-4 of them---but then--
I won't tell you, that I think I should go back tomorrow for those!!!!!!
And then one pattern jumped into the bag too--
 a really cute felt turkey!!!!

Then I was off to the yarn shop--
had a question on one of new shawls I had started--
learned I had not done enough rows--so off the needles all that work came--
and a start over--
and yes--some more yarn made it's way into the bag--
one skein is for the other shawl I have also started--
and a big bag of red cotton yarn of 10 skeins that was on sale for 40% off--

then I had to stop at the Country shop--
I have to be fair now don't I????
Anny needed a pillow for behind her back--tired of hearing her complain about a backache!!!
this birdy needed a new place to show off her word of 'believe' on her base---
this new little crock matched the table runner and fit nicely on the lamb lamp wood tray!!!

What can I say--
look at how many things needed me!!!!
It is such a good feeling to be needed---

Hugs, Di and that gal--Miss gracie


  1. Wow--what fun you had!!! I love that Oatmeal canister. And who says you can't have pink Christmas--I do purple?????
    Enjoy all those goodies.

  2. What great finds! I love the oatmeal cannister too. And the Believe pillow - how perfect for you! Glad you had such a good day.

  3. I love your finds! Lucky you! That was my kind of day - sales, quilt shop, yarn shop - oh my!


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