Thursday, June 21, 2012


I got my laundry all caught up!!!
Di--why was that???
it was sooooo much cooler down in the laundry room than here in the apartment--
soooo--I took advantage of it yesterday and got all the bedding washed and dried--
it feels so good to get that done (confession time--you see I still had the two loads of flannel sheets from winter to wash up--bad girl!!)
And while doing the laundry I got four Hexie flowers parts all basted---
and one sewed together--

Then yesterday I mainly knitted to get to a point in this shawl so I could get some help on the border design for today--Thursday!!!

But then today I did not go to the yarn shop--
it was too humid for me to the walk--
and I needed to be here with the fans and the a/c to be sure they were running well, to keep Miss gracie coolllll!!!!!
But have plans to go tomorrow!!!

But--I did get a nice finish done today---
so I need a big 'drum' roll --please---

A new wall hanging for the wall outside of my front door--

But I really should get a swift kick in the pants--
cause this is the one that was still hanging there--
Yep---a very winter looking one--
I think one could say that Di is slowwwwww!!!!!

And I got alot of computer work done this afternoon--
sitting here in front of the fan--

Did you make it through the heat wave????
can you believe that I read the forecast for us, on Monday the high is 65 degrees (F)--
can you believe that--today it was 95 degrees here!!!! and hopefully tomorrow will only be 80 degrees--can't wait!!!!

Hugs, Di and that 'hot' cat--Miss Gracie


  1. What a great door-hanging!!! I love it, nice to change them around now and again! You ARE having some hot weather, here it's been just beautiful, sunny winter days today it'll be around 65F, but we are due for a cool change, Antarctic winds are a'coming up from the south, where it'll be around 60F, but the nights are cool around 40F. Your knitting is coming along nicely, good luck with the fancy lacey bits!!!

  2. Love the new little wallhanging!! And that pretty little flower does not seem to mind this icky weather.
    You know it is hot when you can say it is cooler in the laundry room.
    Don't melt you two.

  3. It's feels great to catch up on your laundry Di.
    Your flower is lovely this week and your new wall hanging looks good too.

  4. Your new wall hanging is lovely - good on you for a finish! (I think I'm going to get through the month without one at the rate I am going!)I can't believe it is so hot for you - we are in the middle of winter!

  5. Love your new wallhanging---it is just adorable. :) And I really like the one it replaced, too. :) We are still in a huge heat/dry wave...Thanks for the snowman---he makes me feel much cooler :)


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