Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Now that I have gotten into the sewing room!!!!

and I also had to get a bit of gardening done for today--
this time this 'dolly' said it was her turn-
to show-off the Hexie flower!!!
And 'Yes' I did make this dolly--about 15 years ago!!!
but I actually 'rescued' her  and adopted her as I found her at a rummage sale here in town a couple years ago!!!

So--that Miss Gracie--just looked the other way!!!!

And I for got to show you two more hand quilted blocks from the Sue quilt--

Sue is taking her dolly for a walk--
again there is some buttons yet to go on this block--

Sue is feeding the chicks (chooks) breakfast!!!

And this is what was done today in the sewing room--
and I can't tell you--yet!!!!
other than I couldn't help it that the new Christmas fabrics where right there on the top of the pile--
and you remember me saying I was going to start at the 'top' and work down!!!!!!!

Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

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