Monday, July 30, 2012


I am here--just stitching and knitting away--
trying to stay cool--
in more ways than one??????

Talk about 'cool' is this not a cool looking ride?????
It goes to a window display--
Believe it or not--
this is one of the windows at my  Country shop--
How do you like these 'pink' tires????
Cool man Cool!!!!!!!

I have had trouble with my picture files and today I had trouble downloading the big boy camera--
finally had to take the 'chip' out of camera and slip it into the computer to download the pictures--
and the booklet with the camera said not to do it that way--but???????????

Here is the other window--
This side is cute too--
but I love the pink one!!!
this month is a big racing month up at the track --
and that is why she has cars in the window!!!

I am sewing--well--mostly hand quilting--
did finish a hand quilting on a quilt today--
and even got the binding on today--
I will have a show and tell tomorrow night!!!
In the meantime--here is some more pictures I took last night in my walk--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. What a totally fun window display! Love it!
    Hope you are staying cool Di and Miss Gracie. Been terribly hot here.

  2. Love the pedal cars in the display di..

  3. Thanks for all your great pictures. i wish I lived closer to the water - I'd be there taking pictures every day.

  4. Very cute little pedal cars!!! My little brother used to have one when we were kids, it was a jeep, it was a lot of fun!!! Lovely pictures too Di! Gald to hear you are making some progress with your quilting!!!!


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