Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Once again it is Wednesday and time to show our flowers off!!!!!
Here is mine for this week--
Have a few more prepped for this quilt--
but I also need to get some of the solid colored hexies ready for in between some of the flowers--
am getting anxious to get this done--so I can start another one!!!!!!!!!!

And here is some 'freshly' taken flower photos for today!!!
from my garden--
this is the second blooming of these---
Just a couple little black eyed susans left--
a zinnia--
and some snapdragons, yet!!!!

and at the Hotel down by the lake--
these are red red ones this year--
the last 2 years they have been pink ones--

In other news--
I am still working on rearranging some furniture--
today I spent the day redoing all the fabric--
yep--need to move the two large tall shelf units the fabric
has been on in the bedroom--so spent the whole day--
sorting and stacking the fabric--
the 'fun' part was getting to see all the pretty fabrics I have there--
wonder when Miss Gracie is gonna start sewing some of it up???????

Hugs, Di and that miss gracie

Monday, August 27, 2012


I am not lost--
Just been busy!!!!!!!!
We had a rummage sale here at the apartments on Saturday--
so last week was a work/clean/sort out kind of week--
I got--
these cute little rug dollies --all for $2.00--
and these DVDs for 25 cents each!!!
and this cute box was free!!!!!
and we had a beautiful day for the sale and was done by noon!!!

Sunday I had to go and spend my rummage money--
sure don't want it to 'burn' a hole in my purse!!!!!
First went up on the Hill--to the antique store--
and found this delightful old treasure--
It is really in good shape--
I just love this suitcase--was $8.00!!!!
it will be a home for one of my craft hand work supplies--
and is this not cute--
have wanted one for a long time--
but they were for the larger glasses--
but this one is perfect--
I believe these glasses are about 6 oz size--
and I love those flowers on them--
this was $10.00!!!!

Then stopped at the SPCA thrift store and found this--
a neat basket--
the lady that was working there, told me it has belonged to her mother--
and she was so happy to see me buy it--it was $12.00!!

then stopped at the Country shop and walked out with this--

I do think this 'yellow' bird will go nicely with the set of glasses that I got--
in the spring--will use the wire rack in other decorating until then--
is it spring yet???????

Hugs, Di and her fur ball--miss gracie

Thursday, August 23, 2012


with everyone--
I was done at the lake having my supper tonight--
(yep! the 2 slices of pizza!!)
when I seen this --
2 beautiful Maine Coon cats on leashes--
and here is where they went--
out on one of the piers and into a boat--
the owner said they love going in the boat out on the water!!!!!

I did get another finish down last night--
or rather early--this morning--2am!!!
Love the color thread here--
a teal to purple one!!!
and here is the other one--
Did wash off the trans-ferz on both of them to day--
they look so different!!!!

Working at rearranging again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and sorting out again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for a rummage sale on Saturday morning--
so I am very tired tonight--
but so glad I went down to the lake---
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For some time now I have wanted to change the 'walls' that show off my Hitty doll--
but you know it goes--
it just didn't happen--
until today--
I just didn't seem to be able to come up with the right piece of fabric for covering the wall area on this shelf in the china desk--
today--I just said to myself--
there just has got to be something in my stash that will work--
and I found 3-4 to try and this one seemed to be the winner!!!!
and it goes perfect with the little quilt on her lap!!!!
and believe it or not---?????
this is really the only thing I did accomplish today!!!

It was 'visitor' day here at the 'cottage'--
(tired of saying 'apartment' and dreaming of having a cottage---
so will turn this place into a cottage as much as I can??)
As it was Tuesday--it was my Anne's day to come and quilt--
I am now working on another border area for hand quilting on the quilt that I have been working on this month!!

then after lunch another friend, Sarah came by for a couple hour visit!!!

then it was nap time and after the nap, I am working really hard at going for a good mile to a mile and half walk--so off I went--
and the pictures in this post is some from todays walk!!!
this is the brick that is on the walk around down by the lake!!
And here is some more pictures of that stone wall we have--
these are HUGE boulders--
Stacked up--
to make this break wall and a place for people to walk on!!!!
you should of lived here when they were 'setting' these rocks in--
let me tell you--it rocked and shook the whole town!!!!
the picture of the lake tonight--
a bit rough--but real pretty blue!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I worked with the bunnies from Bunnyville today--
I only stitched the one word on this block--
Just the Welcome --but aren't Hannah and Harrington so cute to greet you'all !!!!
No--that is not steam or smoke coming from the bee hive!!!!
it is the trails of the bees that aren't there yet--
gotta wait for them to return--they are still out flower hopping!!!
(I will use bee buttons for this one)
This one is not totally finished either--need some more flowers to go on the stems--
haven't decided if I will use buttons here too, or cut some from felt?????
so now I am mainly caught up--
did just get this month's block printed off--!!!!

It has been a lovely day here--temps in mid 80's--
sunny with a small breeze---
I did go for my walk with the camera of course--
from my garden--
lake today--
this is the view when I am walking back down the pier--
the long building in the front is an old railroad station that is now a restaurant--
and yes they do serve goooood food there!!!
whether we want it to come yet or not--
I did see some signs that Fall is working it's way to us!!!

think this is a rose of sharon bloom??
well--I have a busy run around week coming up--
so may not be able to post much--
but I expect the rest of you to keep those needles going all week!!!!
Hugs, Di and her Miss Gracie

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I did a funny thing last night--
first I got into this book--
read some before bed--
then an hour later, Miss Gracie got me up--
and out I came and I got my usual midnight snack--
two rice cakes with peanut butter in between and sat and read some more!!!
back to bed--
an hour or so later--
was up again and back out here--reading!!!!
back to bed for an hour or so--
and back out here reading--
finished the book about 4:30am--good reading!!!
See--I keep telling you I am a bit on the 'nutty' side????

Here is a picture of my socks--
Now what is that they are laying on?????
Please don't let it be another quilt book?????
Oh, Dear--it is???
now you know what this means, don't you!!?????
more work!!!!
but I got it for 20% off today and the shop paid the sales tax!!!
do you see who it is by--Bareroots--Barri Sue Gaudet--
great holiday ideas in this!!!!

and to all my loyal 'fans'--
I have shorten the download for you by allowing only '4' days of post to show on a page instead of the normal '7'--
and I turned off that 'robot proving thingy"--
I had it off--have no idea how it got turned back on--
sorry for that!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow--
Hugs,Di and her fur ball!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

OH--NO--IT IS---

it sure gets here real fast each week!!!!

I did work all week--
just don't have photos to show you any of it--
the only finish was the Hexie flowers for sewing--
and for knitting I did get a pair of socks all done--
pair meaning--two socks!!!!!

My biggest accomplishment this week was getting my computer and printer to talk nicely to each other and to work together!!!!
I went and bought me one of these 'thingies' today!!!
I believe daughter had it hooked up somehow to the wireless thingy!!!
but I discovered that there where 'others' using off my system somehow--
and in changing some programs so 'others' can no longer do that--
I must of messed up the wireless--
but magic cable at the cost of $15 works like magic and now I should not have any more problems--
famous last words--hu????????
( side note here--after taking this photo--
I found a $1.00 bill laying on the ground--
must be my 'pay' from this Queen's Anne Lace!!!!)

I did work on the Hannah and Harrington block bom's all afternoon--
was 3 behind--still need some stitching--but they are coming to 'life'!!!

I went for a Delicious walk tonight down by the lake and around--
and with in this post is some of the pictures I took today!!
Have a great wonderful fun filled week end---
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

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