Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Once again it is Wednesday and time to show our flowers off!!!!!
Here is mine for this week--
Have a few more prepped for this quilt--
but I also need to get some of the solid colored hexies ready for in between some of the flowers--
am getting anxious to get this done--so I can start another one!!!!!!!!!!

And here is some 'freshly' taken flower photos for today!!!
from my garden--
this is the second blooming of these---
Just a couple little black eyed susans left--
a zinnia--
and some snapdragons, yet!!!!

and at the Hotel down by the lake--
these are red red ones this year--
the last 2 years they have been pink ones--

In other news--
I am still working on rearranging some furniture--
today I spent the day redoing all the fabric--
yep--need to move the two large tall shelf units the fabric
has been on in the bedroom--so spent the whole day--
sorting and stacking the fabric--
the 'fun' part was getting to see all the pretty fabrics I have there--
wonder when Miss Gracie is gonna start sewing some of it up???????

Hugs, Di and that miss gracie


  1. Very pretty flowers - both inside and out!

  2. Gorgeous!!!!! All of them!!! Bet the bedroom is looking pretty too.

  3. Love your hexie flowers and the real flower photos are beautiful Di. Sounds like you are getting very organized! Fun!

  4. Loving all your flowers di....

  5. Lovely and bright..... checking out blogs... lightens and makes my day happy!


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