Thursday, August 23, 2012


with everyone--
I was done at the lake having my supper tonight--
(yep! the 2 slices of pizza!!)
when I seen this --
2 beautiful Maine Coon cats on leashes--
and here is where they went--
out on one of the piers and into a boat--
the owner said they love going in the boat out on the water!!!!!

I did get another finish down last night--
or rather early--this morning--2am!!!
Love the color thread here--
a teal to purple one!!!
and here is the other one--
Did wash off the trans-ferz on both of them to day--
they look so different!!!!

Working at rearranging again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and sorting out again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for a rummage sale on Saturday morning--
so I am very tired tonight--
but so glad I went down to the lake---
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie


  1. Those stitcheries are both so pretty! :0)

  2. I cannot imagine any of my kitties liking to go for a walk like that. Too funny. Your stitching is gorgeous.

  3. That last picture is beautiful! THe light was perfect. My DH would love to have a Maine Coon cat, but I've told him I don't think he could afford to feed one. Beautiful stitcheries!!

  4. Beautiful cats! We had a huge one named Topaz. She was more dog like than cat. They are just different in some ways.
    Lovely stitching!
    Rest! It is not a dirty word!

  5. Wow! the size of those cats is amazing! You don't see a lot of these Maine Coons down this way, they sure are beautiful looking creatures!!!! Your stitcheries are so very sweet!!!


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