Sunday, August 19, 2012


I worked with the bunnies from Bunnyville today--
I only stitched the one word on this block--
Just the Welcome --but aren't Hannah and Harrington so cute to greet you'all !!!!
No--that is not steam or smoke coming from the bee hive!!!!
it is the trails of the bees that aren't there yet--
gotta wait for them to return--they are still out flower hopping!!!
(I will use bee buttons for this one)
This one is not totally finished either--need some more flowers to go on the stems--
haven't decided if I will use buttons here too, or cut some from felt?????
so now I am mainly caught up--
did just get this month's block printed off--!!!!

It has been a lovely day here--temps in mid 80's--
sunny with a small breeze---
I did go for my walk with the camera of course--
from my garden--
lake today--
this is the view when I am walking back down the pier--
the long building in the front is an old railroad station that is now a restaurant--
and yes they do serve goooood food there!!!
whether we want it to come yet or not--
I did see some signs that Fall is working it's way to us!!!

think this is a rose of sharon bloom??
well--I have a busy run around week coming up--
so may not be able to post much--
but I expect the rest of you to keep those needles going all week!!!!
Hugs, Di and her Miss Gracie


  1. The bunnies are soooooo cute. Love the purple one of course. Wish the signs of fall would get here--but not the time. That can just sloooooow down please.

  2. Cute block! Hope your week is full of fun, not just running around.

  3. Di, you just get so much done. I think you are getting up every hour during the night and not only are you reading but quilting too! I love the bunny blocks just so cute, and so perfectly done.

  4. Always enjoy your photos from your walks Di! Have a great week!!!


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