Friday, August 17, 2012

OH--NO--IT IS---

it sure gets here real fast each week!!!!

I did work all week--
just don't have photos to show you any of it--
the only finish was the Hexie flowers for sewing--
and for knitting I did get a pair of socks all done--
pair meaning--two socks!!!!!

My biggest accomplishment this week was getting my computer and printer to talk nicely to each other and to work together!!!!
I went and bought me one of these 'thingies' today!!!
I believe daughter had it hooked up somehow to the wireless thingy!!!
but I discovered that there where 'others' using off my system somehow--
and in changing some programs so 'others' can no longer do that--
I must of messed up the wireless--
but magic cable at the cost of $15 works like magic and now I should not have any more problems--
famous last words--hu????????
( side note here--after taking this photo--
I found a $1.00 bill laying on the ground--
must be my 'pay' from this Queen's Anne Lace!!!!)

I did work on the Hannah and Harrington block bom's all afternoon--
was 3 behind--still need some stitching--but they are coming to 'life'!!!

I went for a Delicious walk tonight down by the lake and around--
and with in this post is some of the pictures I took today!!
Have a great wonderful fun filled week end---
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


andsewon said...

Yes Ma'am the weeks go by fast when there are things I want to do but have to be out! I hope this coming week I can be home more and get some things done! We have our stuff password protected because of that very thing! Someone out here in this group of 5 houses was borrowing our service too!

Merilyn said...

Indeed, the weeks are rolling by and I can almost smell Spring in the air, the winter days are starting to leave for another year! Lovely photos in this post!!!!

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