Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So if it is Wednesday--that must mean that it is flower day--
so here is my photo for today--
Oh--what's the matter????
wrong kind of flower--
then lets try this one--
Still not  the right one--
well--here goes again--
Still not the right kind????
well--that means 3 strikes and I am out--

Ok--one more try--
oh my what was that noise???
Ok--that sounds like a big black bear to me---
what's up 'bear'???
You want to do what???
well--I guess that would be ok!!!!
and I guess it can be your turn to model---
this weeks hexie flower--
do you like the sunshine???
OH and you like this quilt--why thank you!!
what did you say??
oH you don't like--
that big ole train going with in 3 feet or so of the swing and the noise it makes!!!
look who is talking about making noise!!!!!

Ok Di what is this ????
where are you???
Oh-- I see--
you are actually down at the lake park eating your 'supper'
and watching the ducks and gulls--
it's about time!!!!!
you're gonna miss this when you move!!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. All the flowers are pretty!! Bear makes a very cute flower model. Hope I didn't make him blush.
    Nice lunch view!!!

  2. Move?? Have I missed something?
    Bear is a cute model - brings out the green in the flower :)

  3. Must find my hexies and keep working on them... where did I put them I wonder?

  4. Lovely photos again, and very cute hexie flower, not to mention cute bear too!!! Love the boat/lake scene, so peaceful!! Did you say moving? Where are you moving to?


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