Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Here is what I am working on at the moment!!
Knitting this pair of socks--
the fancy stitching for the cuffs is done now on both--
I always get 2 sets of double points for socks and I set them both up --
and then I work one just so far and then work the other one--that way---
I get a pair done instead of just one and have to remember how to start all over again to the second one!!!

Have gotten more knitted on this shawl and I am using the Schaefer Yarn Heather that is calls for--
and I just love the feel of this yarn!!!
I can not  say that this is my color--but it is a fall color sooooo!!!
but when I get back to the yarn shop this week--
you can bet I will be seeing what other colors they have in the Heather line!!!!

The other night at midnight--yep-- at midnight--
when I could not sleep--
I wanted a project to knit that was a bit more detailed that the one above--
so I started this one--
and it is coming along nicely and is a fairly easy pattern--
and NO I did not do all of this that night--been a couple days and nights working on it!!!

I have been---
yep--this looks like me!!!
Have been ill for nearly 2 weeks now with sinus--
you know the ragweed season!!!
so most days my head has felt like mush--
Why--Miss Gracie--
are you laughing at me???
I mean--my head has felt more 'mushy' than normal!!!!!!!
That's better--now I will give you some treats before bed!!!!

and I have been working on this--
See the basting threads--got that done this morning--
and have started hand quilting on it this afternoon--
but you will have to wait until it is finished to find out how I am finishing it--
and thanks for all the input--I really appreciated!!!!

And it was one lovely fall day--
and I did manage to get out and get a couple new photos--
and I will show more next time!!!

Hugs, and happy stitching--
Di and that silly miss gracie!!!!


  1. Miss Gracie should not be laughing at you, she should be fixing you tea and toast! Your knitting is beautiful, Di!

  2. See is such a cutie!! She is probably wondering when you are going to knit her some winter booties. Love those purple ones of course. Hope you are feeling unmushy.


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