Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am happy to say that all 5 rows of the SKOW sal is done--
here is pictures of the last two blocks--
How can one live in the northeast USA, and not have a snowman on there quilt of things they love!!!!!
and --
I had to do a really different sewing block--as--
I do so many different kinds of stitching--
there is a red wool heart on the wool square--for some reason it does not show up!!!!
in the counted cross stitch block is my initials and the year--
the mitten block is a left-over block from last years SAL of 'Tis the Season'!!
and I did use the scissors from the original  block!!!!

and here is a photo of all 5 rows--
Now to begin the process of hand quilting each row!!!
but we do know that I enjoy hand quilting--so it will be fun to work on this--
would love to have this finished by Christmas--but---
that will depend on just 'how much' I do decided to do and finish for Christmas--
I know we were working on it all year and I did get alot done--
but there is still alot to do?????????

I even made it over to see the babies today--love that momma cat!!!
and went to our Halloween party--
went as at photographer--with Webster on my shoulder--
everybody liked that and I did take alot of pictures!!!!

have a great day--
hugs, Di and miss gracie

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


in the sewing room today --
and was actually sewing in that sewing room!!!!
working hard on getting all the blocks to SKOW-SAL--
finished up--
first here is another picture of two of the blocks I showed in the last post--
the light was better today--
also have these finished--
I gotta have a camera on mine!!!!!!
I thought instead of 'gifts'--
I would rather share my --talents, time, and love with others--
and I may embroider those names on each package?????
and we know that 'Di' loves her wooden chairs--
again I may add a small quilt and a doll to this chair before I am done--
as that is what my chair collection holds!!!!
and I decided this is what I wanted to say with my 'heart' block!

and now here is row 3 all sewed together--
and this row has been approved by the quilt police--
none other than Miss Gracie!!!!!
I also have row 5's blocks sewed together--
but need to wait until row 4 is sewed--
and I can't sew row 4 yet as 2 blocks are not finished--
finishing them is on the list for when I get off here!!!!

and I have to give you a 'baby' update--
Here is all '5' of them!!!!
Hugs, Di and here very own kitty--
Miss Gracie

Friday, October 26, 2012


I am still working on those SKOW blocks--
so here is a look at some more--
this next one I changed the wording on a bit--
I did 'great friendships' instead of best friends--
this block was a fun one to stitch!!!!
I do have another block  started--
I am getting down there--
now if I could just stay home and not go feed and play with kittens and knit everyday---
I would get them done faster--but???????
somebody has to do all that 'hard' work of feeding kittens and that momma cat--
and the really hard work of playing with those 'cuties'---
and it is time to start working with those '3' new ones--
they now have their eyes open!!!!

Did get me two new pieces of fabric yesterday at the Quilt shop--
the bottom one I think is for the turkey blocks I made last year--
the top one is-- a just 'because' piece--
Have a great Saturday--
Hugs,Di and her baby--Miss Gracie

Thursday, October 25, 2012


the '3' little orphans--
aren't growing??????
2 of them have there eyes about open--
and I can now pick them up and cuddle them for a minute--
before they cry for the new mom to rescue them!!!!
and here is momma 'Spirit' and her very own two--
they are very loving and fun filled kittens--
I just love them!!!!!
we had 80 degree temps today--Sunny!!!
and there is still roses and flowers blooming!!!!

I do have 2 more SKOW blocks finished and nearly a 3rd one done!!!
photos tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di and her kitty-Miss Gracie

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


but that is ok--I like walking in the rain!!!!

Ok--here is some 'work' photos--
first is '3' new blocks of applique for the SKOW sal--
cat block--
flower gardening block is done--
and the rainbow one is done--

and I have been working on these blocks--
they are paper pieced '5' point stars with the Jo Morton line--Leesburg---
not  sure yet where I will go with these???????
but enjoyed making these, alot!!!
found these outside the doctors office when I went up today to get my B-12 injection--
I love these purple flowers and loved all the rain drops on them, too!!!

be good and get some sewing/quilting done tomorrow!!!!
Hugs,Di and her sweetie--Miss Gracie

Monday, October 22, 2012


Look at this picture---
Hummmmm--I do believe that I see a red kitten in there--
we do not have a "red" one --do we??????
Sprite says--
now wait one minute here--
I have my very own '2' to nurse--
Yep--here they are on 'Di's' legs playing--
and then you got me '2' new babies to nurse--
and they are both black and white ones--
so where oh where did this '3' one come from---
do you think I am 'nursing machine' or something!!!!?????????

When I went to knitting class tonight--
there was the little 'red' kitten--
they found it today where they had found the two black and white ones
a week ago--and this one is healthy and the same size so has to be a sibling to the black and white ones--
where are they coming from and where is the first momma and is there more kittens?????
I do feel bad for momma Spirit--she just takes it all in stride though--
that is as long as you keep giving her more milk and food!!!
oh and don't forget those 'treats'!!!!!!!!!

I had a lot of  'kitten' nursing duties over the week end--
so did not get alot done here--
but today I was home until 4:30 pm--
and did get some things done and some applique done--
will have photos of that tomorrow!!!!
Wait a minute--that is not a kitten--
thankfully---that is a puppy though--
and he comes to the yarn shop a lot--
his name is 'Duke'!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ahhhh--Momma kitty---

What have you got there????
I see my two cuties--
but what is all that white and black?????
When I got to the yarn shop yesterday for class--
the manager called me out back where "my" two babies are--
and there she had two new ones--
and was seeing if Momma kitty would care for them---
our Dog pound lady had found two --day old kittens in a ditch--
she had taken them home and cleaned them up and was bottle feeding them
for the last 3 days when the SPCA remembered our Momma kitty--
the one is mostly all black and that one took right to nursing--
and Momma was and is ok with it--
that darn white and black one is sooo hyper and very vocal--
and she had a hard time getting the 'idea' but finally after a nap with the two older ones
she did figure it all out!!!!
Hugs, Di and her very own baby--Miss Gracie

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I just can not get over how much these two change in a 24 hour period---
they were full of it yesterday!!!
When I first got there the little grey one heard my voice--
and started crying--so I reached down and picked him up--
and he immediately stopped--
and cuddled--I think someone likes me!!!!!
they are even trying to play with the mice---
why do they have to grow up so fast?????

I liked this leaf--is different--
Everyone is saying that here in town and the hills around town have the most colorful leaves of anywhere this year--should we believe them?????

and the answer is 'yes'--
oh what's the question????
am I doing any sewing/quilting --
yep--just not done enough to show anything!!!!
Besides these guys are soooo much cuter---
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


my babies--
 says, Momma, --
Which way is the camera, big brother????
Now what is this 'thing'--
am I suppose to 'eat it--or play with it'????????

Hey, mom--
don't forget about me--
Now, Miss Gracie, would I do that???

Monday, October 15, 2012


I would like you to meet---
my newest friend--
Ms. Toad---
I was out taking pictures of my garden--
like now sad these look--
my morning glories did not like that last frost we had--
but I did discover some flowers that are not ready to give up --yet--
then I saw these--
ahhh--is it spring--instead of fall--
as I was taking the photos of these--
I saw something move on the ground by the flower garden--
and that is when I seen  her--
I have to say--that one of two things have changed--
1. I have either grown up -- finally at age 64--
2. or photography had changed me--
cause not long ago--when I seen this kind of 'thing'--
I would of been running for the woods--rather back to the safety of my apartment--
( so now you know I was not a tom-boy growing up!!!!)
but now -
not only did I take her photo--
I talked to her--
and when I came up and down loaded her photo--
I had 'fun' studying her colors and bumps---

And yes I did go to the yarn shop today for class--
and yes I did put a recharged battery in the camera--
cause I had to get some new baby pictures--
are you ready--
Here is 'Spirit"--
with Schuyler--on the left--
and Odessa on the right!!!!
  Here's Miss Schuyler---
don't you just love that tummy!!!!!
and here is Mr. Odessa!!!!
they are just sooo sweet--
and are learning that they can play with each other and even with the toys some--
and they love to 'chew' on each other and their momma!!!!

well--that is it for animal stories tonight--
but I will leave you with photo--
One of the ladies here went to Walmart and got her nails done---
How cute!!!!!
Hugs, Di and her sweet baby--Miss Gracie

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