Sunday, October 7, 2012


got this shawl finished and off the needles--
will block it tomorrow--
and let me tell you--
it was a simple pattern--
so simple in fact--
I kept messing it up--
I think at the half way point on--
I knitted--then unknitted--
knitted--unknitted--again and again!!!!
and I want to know 'Why'--was I so determined to get this one done!!!!???????

Did a walk today with the big boy camera--
and here is some of the results--
one house down the street has like a English cottage garden in the front lawn--
( and no lawn!!!)
I actually got to meet the lady who lives here--
her name is Debbie--and she told me these red roses came from her Mother's garden--
went she passed away--
we had a nice chat--
and she said she is married to a guy from England!!! how cool!!!
here is some more from her garden today--
more roses--like this color too--
this was the only one left blooming--but it was sooo large--
and then I spotted this--
I believe this morning glory is a wild kind--she said they came up on their own--
but is this not just beautiful?????
and then later on the way home I found this one along another fence--
and this morning in my own garden --I found this one--
Oh happy day---
Miss Gracie and Di say---Happy Fall, you allllllll!!!!!


  1. Your shawl looks wonderful! And your flowers are all so pretty! :0)

  2. Very pretty shawl - sometimes the simplest ones can drive you crazy - LOL! Lovely flower pictures -- each one is a gem.

  3. Nice shawl for the season! Lovely flowers from the summer. We are in the Autumn as well :-)

  4. Your shawl is perfect for fall and it sounds like the weather is cooperating for wearing the shawl.
    Good timing. Love all the flowers and smiley Mr. Scarecrow.


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