Tuesday, October 30, 2012


in the sewing room today --
and was actually sewing in that sewing room!!!!
working hard on getting all the blocks to SKOW-SAL--
finished up--
first here is another picture of two of the blocks I showed in the last post--
the light was better today--
also have these finished--
I gotta have a camera on mine!!!!!!
I thought instead of 'gifts'--
I would rather share my --talents, time, and love with others--
and I may embroider those names on each package?????
and we know that 'Di' loves her wooden chairs--
again I may add a small quilt and a doll to this chair before I am done--
as that is what my chair collection holds!!!!
and I decided this is what I wanted to say with my 'heart' block!

and now here is row 3 all sewed together--
and this row has been approved by the quilt police--
none other than Miss Gracie!!!!!
I also have row 5's blocks sewed together--
but need to wait until row 4 is sewed--
and I can't sew row 4 yet as 2 blocks are not finished--
finishing them is on the list for when I get off here!!!!

and I have to give you a 'baby' update--
Here is all '5' of them!!!!
Hugs, Di and here very own kitty--
Miss Gracie


  1. Cute babies! Those quilt police look rather settled....I'm guessing it's because they know the blocks will pass approval. They are all so pretty. I love the heart one the most!

  2. Love all the blocks!CeCe is reading your blog with me and purring so she also approves. Those big guys are getting huge and sooooo cute!
    Can't wait to see the finished chair.

  3. I do love that little red one! Kitten that is :)
    Your blocks are great, miss Gracie must be very pleased with you.

  4. Your applique/stitchery blocks are looking wonderful, you have been busy!!!! Those furry ones look so cosy all sleeping together - lucky little kitties!!!


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