Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am happy to say that all 5 rows of the SKOW sal is done--
here is pictures of the last two blocks--
How can one live in the northeast USA, and not have a snowman on there quilt of things they love!!!!!
and --
I had to do a really different sewing block--as--
I do so many different kinds of stitching--
there is a red wool heart on the wool square--for some reason it does not show up!!!!
in the counted cross stitch block is my initials and the year--
the mitten block is a left-over block from last years SAL of 'Tis the Season'!!
and I did use the scissors from the original  block!!!!

and here is a photo of all 5 rows--
Now to begin the process of hand quilting each row!!!
but we do know that I enjoy hand quilting--so it will be fun to work on this--
would love to have this finished by Christmas--but---
that will depend on just 'how much' I do decided to do and finish for Christmas--
I know we were working on it all year and I did get alot done--
but there is still alot to do?????????

I even made it over to see the babies today--love that momma cat!!!
and went to our Halloween party--
went as at photographer--with Webster on my shoulder--
everybody liked that and I did take alot of pictures!!!!

have a great day--
hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. looks great your sewing block.....

  2. love the snowman block! My 11 month old grandson loves to watch a youtube video ---of a snowman on an ice skating pond, singing "Snowflake, Snowflake. Little Snowflake, falling on my head" You've got me thinking---I should make him a wall-hanging similar to this!
    I also really like your sewing block. It's fun to do different types of stitching...keeps me from getting bored... But, then again, sometimes I feel like I've got too many different projects going at once!

  3. Cute snowman - love it! Just the thing to get in the mood for this season. Raining today, so not so good for snowmen at the moment :)

  4. Of course you made it--I never had any doubt! Love the sewing block. That tiny little knitting is super cute.

  5. Love your sewing block! Will be a lovely quilt when you finish!

  6. The snowman block really is very sweet, you've done well to complete all the rows for your quilt!!!

  7. Lovely snowman, just like the Norwegian ones! Your SKoW will be super; good luck :))

  8. I googled embroidery hoop and caning basket and came to your site post on December 2010.
    I have one of these baskets that I made a very long time ago and I want to make another one. Would you be willing to share the instrucions?
    Many thanks

  9. Your SKOW blocks look fabulous together Di..
    The snowman is so cute.


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