Tuesday, October 23, 2012


but that is ok--I like walking in the rain!!!!

Ok--here is some 'work' photos--
first is '3' new blocks of applique for the SKOW sal--
cat block--
flower gardening block is done--
and the rainbow one is done--

and I have been working on these blocks--
they are paper pieced '5' point stars with the Jo Morton line--Leesburg---
not  sure yet where I will go with these???????
but enjoyed making these, alot!!!
found these outside the doctors office when I went up today to get my B-12 injection--
I love these purple flowers and loved all the rain drops on them, too!!!

be good and get some sewing/quilting done tomorrow!!!!
Hugs,Di and her sweetie--Miss Gracie


  1. You've got some nice finishes there. I wish I could say the same but I'm currently hemming 6 pairs of pants my son gave me. I am procrastinating and looking at some of the kits I could be working on...

  2. I have some of those flowers with the purple centers! And we had rain all morning here today. i do NOT remember hearing the weatherman predict rain. But we're having nice warm temps through at least Friday, so a little rain is good. How are the kitties today?

  3. lets hope the top is done by the end of Oct.......when is thanks giving???.....love the sheep on the grass.......very cute........

    I have some of those flowers - african daisys we call them here........I have some in a dark purple colour too.......those B12 needles hurt.....

  4. You have been quite productive considering all of your extra kitten duties. Maybe I need one of those B-12 shots if I am ever going to get anything done for the holidays.
    It's all looking great!

  5. Well Di! I have finally caught up with your blog - life has been rather hectic and all blog related things had fallen way behind, my own blog is very lonely too.....
    So nice to catch up with what you have been doing, I see you've been knitting up a frenzy, love your projects - I did some knitting too over our winter - so nice to re-acquaint with my knitting needles!
    Just love the story about 'Spirit', how amazing she chose just the right place to visit and have her babies, just love that she has taken so kindly to the orphans as well, what a treasure she is, those little ones are very lucky to have found their way to such a wonderful foster Mum!!!! Unbelievable finding those poor little lives in a ditch, how awful.....
    I see you are well into Autumn, the cooler temps must be such a relief after your long hot summer, we're starting to warm up here, really enjoyed our mild winter this year, I think we're in for a hot summer here too, and we desperately need rain, the lawn is looking quite shabby! Glad to see you are still sewing too, love your bright hexies! Take care.....


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