Sunday, November 4, 2012


Good for me!!!!!
Am working on the Jo Morton quilt--
need to have it finished by next Sunday--
Here is her star blocks--
made  these 4 today to go with--
the paper pieced stars I did a couple weeks ago--
and went to the quilt shop today and picked up those two prints in the background for the lattice around the blocks and borders!!!!!
and I picked up these two black and burnt brown ones--
for some 'crazy' reason--I like them!!!!
they do go nice with some of the fabrics in her line-soooo!!!

Yesterday I went to a Knitting class to learn how to knit Christmas balls--
it has cables going up the sides--was a fairly easy pattern to do--
and this is how I finished mine off--they just had a yarn loop at the top--
but you know me--gotta be 'different'!!!!!!

and yes--
I took more 'kitty' pictures---
here is the 3  orphans--aren't they getting big???
Here is the one black one--this one cry's all the time!!!
and the tiger one is one of Spirits kittens--
and she is a pill too--here she is just playing with the carpet I guess!!!
and here is 'my' baby--
Both Pam, the shop manager, and I love this one--
he slept in my arms today for awhile--sweet!!!!

well--gotta go--need to finish about 5 sets of mittens tonight--
our local firemen are collecting items to send to NYCity or NJ area--
so want to get them done--will go shopping at Walmart tomorrow morning
for some other things!!!!

Hugs, and prayers for everyone out there in blogland and the storm areas--
from Di and all her kitties--yes--even Miss Gracie!!!!


  1. Your fabrics for the star blocks is lovely..

    How cute are those orphans???? Which one is coming home to live with you and Miss Gracie??

  2. I can see you get a lot of enjoyment from the kittens - aren't they growing so much!! Your Jo Morton project is looking really good and your cabled tree decoration is really cool - like your hanger!

  3. Love that ball you knitted! I have been wanting to try knitting. Crocheting hurts my thumb joint. I have been wondering if this might be easier for me. I have been away from the blogging world for a while! Good to be back and catch up with everybody!

  4. Cool Christmas ball! Would never have thought of that one. You have been quite busy--the blocks are really nice. Good fall colors. The babies are growing so fast. It is a really good thing they are really far away from me.

  5. Love the blocks, Di - beautiful colours! And a cute ornament, haven't seen them with cables before.
    And those gorgeous kitties .....

  6. Love your Jo Morton quilt blocks! Those are some cutie kitties. Hope they all find good homes.

  7. The Jo Morton blocks are wonderful, such gorgeous rich fabrics!!! Those kitties are so cute, sounds as if you may be falling in love with one of them!!!!!


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