Monday, November 12, 2012


went to my Jo Morton Club sewing day at the Quilt shop, on Sunday--
we all got Pattern #2 and the leader showed us her's for this month--
and then we also got a little cloth doll pattern--
can't wait to stitch her up!!!
then when we were suppose to sew--
this is what we all did instead!!!!!
Yep--we all bought more fabric to use in our quilts--
you just never know when one might need 'one' more small print for a block, or half square triangle, or what ever !!!!!!

Then I stopped at my Country shops Christmas Open House--
and walked out with these--
Di--did you buy another plate with the word -Believe on it????
yep, I did!!!!
what is that red checked thing under it???
Can you tell that it is an apron!!!
Oh and I did buy one gift while I was there and think I need to go back for a couple more!!!!

I nearly have the all the blocks in last months Jo Morton quilt all hand quilted--
been working on that alot!!!

Have a great day tomorrow and be sure to stitch a stitch or two while you are at it!
Hugs, from Di and miss gracie

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  1. Sounds like a pretty fun day to me.
    Shopping and getting some sewing done. What more could you ask for?
    Keep having fun.


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