Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Can you believe that I am sewing again today????
Here is what I am doing--
first--Had to take a medium print and a light print and sew them corner to corner--
both ways--
then you cut them apart in the middle of the squares--both directions--
then you cut all the center stitching lines in the middle and you get this pile--
then I had to press all these tiny things--
I need to now trim these babies to 1 3/4 x 1 3/4"!!!!
there is 168 of these to play with--someday???????
as it may not be tomorrow--maybe Friday--
I can continue this story!!!!!

I went through some of  Miss Gracies toys to take to the new 'kids'--
and 'OH" what fun they had today with them--
this is Odie, momma, and Tyrone--
Now Sky is in there--
Odie has found the little cat nip pillow--
his first time with cat nip and he was in love--
and Seneca (sissy to me) has joined in on the fun!!!
they also had alot of fun with the bag that I took the toys in!!!
Later when I had a lap full of kitties napping--
I looked over and here is Spirit, Momma, laying with her head on one of the cat nip bags!!!
Hope she was having some sweet dreams!!!
Lap filled with all 3 babies--yep the 3rd one is under the two on top--
the little orange ones new name is Montour and will be called 'Monty'!!!
the black one is now named Tyrone and will be called 'Ty'!!!
and here is the 'whole' two familes at family 'bonding' time!!!!!

OH--one more picture--
Sunrise here this morning!!!
Have fun you'all--
Hugs,Di and her own fur baby--miss gracie


  1. Awwwwwwww--thank you for my kitty fix. Still think you need to FedEx Odie to me. I have a pile of those half square triangles to get too as well--maybe after Thanksgiving!
    Or after New Year's???
    Have fun with the cuties.

  2. The photo of mum resting on the catnip pillow is precious!
    And the babies are so cute now!
    Hopefully Miss Gracie won't take your half squares in exchange for the toys you took away :)

  3. Spirit's little family look to be all doing so well, thankyou for updating us with a kitty progress report, looks as though their new toys were a hit!!! Love the HST's, I'll be waiting to see what you do with them!!!!

  4. I am totally in love with Odie. Can you ask him if he would like to live in Australia?


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