Tuesday, November 6, 2012


at home--
oh my how life has been spinning since the first part of Sept--
but --
now it  is that time of year where we not only set our clocks 'back'--
it is time for me to 'go' back to my old schedule--
and that means more
sewing and quilting--
and I started today--
Got the top done this afternoon to the Jo Morton club quilt--
had fun doing this one as some of it is my own designing!!!
did use the red I showed you--
decided the light one I had gotten for the border--
was not really in going with the theme of this quilt--sooo!!!!
this top also now has the batting and backing and basting done--

Yesterday was a whirlwind kind of day--
did some shopping in the morning for the Sandy storm folks--
our local fire dept is collecting items to take there on Thursday--
then I went door to door here (48 apts) and spread the news and collected alot of stuff to take to the firehall--and it was a good feeling to know that I could actually do something to help those who are hurting so much right now!!!

I did make it later to Knit workshop --
Odie just loves to play in my knitting bag!!!
and here is Schuyler all asleep after a hard time of playing--
he took his nap in the arms of Nancy--
she is the workshop leader!!!

and here is the other '3' fur balls--nobody has named them yet!!!
the little black one in the front was watching Odie and Sky play--
I think he would like to join them????

and 'yes' I am thinking ahead to Christmas--
thanks to the Country shop!!!!!!

tonight out my window at about 5pm!!

and 'yes' I did go and vote today--did you???
Hugs, Di and her very own fur ball--
Miss Gracie


  1. Just look at those adorable kittens and dolls! Love the quilt.

  2. Pretty quilt and sweet kitties! Now which kitty is coming to live with you and Gracie? Yes it is dark here by 5! Hate it! Ready to go to bed after supper!

  3. The storm survivors will be grateful for your efforts on their behalf. And you are so prolific--quilting, knitting, embroidery. I like your changes to each quilt.

  4. The stars look great. And what a bunch of cuties--the babies and the doll babies. Good thing those new girls have a nice warm house for the holidays.

  5. Nice work with your Jo Morton quilt, and those kitties are just so adorable, so glad to know they will be safe and warm this winter.

  6. I love your Jo Morton quilt! And I particularly love that little black kitty. Wish I could bring him home!

  7. I just found your blog and I am so excited. I am now following you. I hope if you get a moment that you will stop by my blog. I have decided that even though I thoroughly enjoy FB I am spending way WAY too much time there and need to get back to my blogging. That's where my creativity is at its height.


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