Monday, December 31, 2012


I have to be honest and say--
that when everyone tells me 'how' much I get done--
I don't really think that way--
I guess cause I am seeing what else I want to do--or need to do--
and the 'pile' of  'inprogress' projects--
so I always feel like I am way behind!!!!

So I did go back though the past year and listed what I had done--
and guess what?????
I was shocked, by how much I did do--
I think I need to get a life!!!!!!!!

I stitched--
1. 47 hexie flowers
2. Finished 10 or more quilts--that is with the hand quilting and bindings on
3. I made about 20 more quilt tops (this did shock me!!!)
4. have done 2 Jo Morton quilts and they are hand quilted and bound
5. did some 'other' stitching--
     2 Valentine mats
     3 table runners
     2 table mats
     2 pillows
6. for redwork I did 6 items--2 stockings, pillows and pictures to frame
7. for other embroidery I did 7 items
8. for wool projects--I did 5 items--the large Nativity pillow, 2 candle mats,
    and 2 small turkeys!!!
9. have 3 more quilt starts for the year--
10.and a basket full of things that are cut and waiting for a good fairy to stitch them together!!!!

In other news--
is the knitting report--
I knitted--
3 prs of socks
5 shawls--(plus 3 still on the needles) and I lost one--my favorite one on Christmas day!!!!
2 baby sets of sweaters and hats
5 pairs of mittens
1 set of gloves and hat
1 red pullover shell
and at least 30 dishcloths!!!!!!

and in the Counted Cross stitch --
I did --
12 Christmas ornaments--
2 or more small Easter  projects
4 of the word play pillows done--Jan, Feb,Mar, and April
8 of the 15 Crazy Challenge for 2012 finished

In the fun dept --
I did--
ate alot of chocolate--not really -- just my daily dose!!!!
and raised 6 kittens this fall--
took lots and lots of photos of flowers, lake, kittens, clouds, trees--on and on!!!!

And now you all want me to do it again???????
and when would you like me to start this??????
Ahhhhh--really--that is only about 4 hours away--
I guess as the saying goes--
"no rest for the wicked"!!!!!!!:-)

See ya tomorrow---
OH and seeing as how you all want me to continue eating chocolate--
I went shopping today for some supplies--
6 new balls of yarn for dish cloths--aren't these pretty????
Easter fabrics--would you believe that I had NO Easter fabrics in my stash--
shame on me--so solved that problem today!!!!!
and these 2 red ones are for a project--one that has been on my want to do list a long time!!!!!!

Goodbye 2012--
Hello 2013--
Hugs and love, Di and miss gracie

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Boy do I wish I would get this much done --
as I have in the last 3 days--every day!!!
so here goes--
remember those pillows that, once again, I started last winter????
Here is Scotty all decked out in his new bow, eye, and charm--
and he is finished into a soft pillow--
and here is 'crooked' eyed Mr. Bear--
with his pretty ribbon--
and he is also now a soft pillow!!

Now remember this 3rd one--
this one was next in line, when My 'Anne' came to visit a bit--
I went into the sewing room to work on it--and stopped--
Anne and I have not done our Christmas yet--
and it hit me this would be the perfect gift for her--
as she loves--cats, blue, and birds!!!!
I got all 3 of them right here--
so I will let her finish it--she may want different colored bows on them than I would put--
and she might want to finish it as a wall hanging instead of a pillow--
sooooo--for me--it's a finish!!!

and talking about kittens--
We still have 3 left at the yarn shop--
and I was to go in and feed them on Dec 24 and 25th--
I happened to stop by on the 23th and discovered that those little 'rug rats' had eaten a hole in the large bag of cat treats and had eaten most of the full bag!!!!
the Clerk working that day said she wondered why they were busier and playing harder that even normal!!!
When I got there on the 24th and feed them--
I stayed for about 3 hours and watched them and basted hexie's!!!
and these 3 where really "flying monkeys"--
they were flying through the air--jumping--chasing--you name it--
and they kept that up for 2 1/2 hours--I got real tired just watching them--
but--laugh--oh my--they where soooo funny!!!
the picture above is on Christmas day--
they were very calm by then and wanted to be with me--
so not much work got done--but that is ok--I love these monkeys!!!!
two of them will go home this week sometime--
but think this one ==My Odie will stay---hope, hope, hope!!!
I love snow--but it has been hard these last few days, cause it has meant that it was too icy
and the snow too deep to walk over and play with the "flying monkeys"!!!!

Welllll--for us here in the US we got one more day of 2012--
what are you going to do with it???????
Ahh--I see what Di plans to do in the new year!!!!!!!!

Hugs, and love, Di and miss gracie

Saturday, December 29, 2012


I am happy to show you some more finishes!!!
started these back in January 2012--
these are the ones that I made using the 60 degree ruler with--

and I cheated on all of these by finishing them with a fancy machine stitch!!!!!

And look what else happened today---
More and more snow --pretty much snowed all day--
and that is a nice change--
as it usually snows here during the night now and I never get to watch it--
and here is our famous Miss Gracie playing with a new toy that Alice sent her--
can't remember if I showed this one yet??????

and yes there is still kitten stories--but-----??????
and the red work pillow is a pattern from Bird Brain designs--
it was fun to stitch---but as in most things--alot of work!!!!!

well--be good--just a couple more day left to finish all those projects we were going to do in 2012--

and by the way--I need my gals who signed up for my Christmas Challenge this past year to get in touch with me and let me know how you made out--Please--thank you!!!
and yes I have a new Challenge for 2013--so stayed tuned!!!!

Hugs & love, Di and her fur ball!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Yep--you read right--
am working on some Christmas finishes--
here is the first one--
Remember me doing the redwork embroidery on this this past summer???
today I finished it into a light weight pillow--
and here is the exciting backing--
I love love these boots--they came in a fat quarter pack last year--2011--
and I have been waiting for something to use it on!!!!

and remember I just showed this one--

recently as one that I was working on--
well--I am excited to say it is finished and sewn into a light weight pillow too!!!
and is this fabric not perfect with the front?????
I also have some more Christmas items nearly finished--
maybe tomorrow!!!!!

and I did get this done for Wednesday--
but forgot to photo it and post it!!!
I also got more more hexies basted for flowers--
about 5-6 more all that was cut--then I need to decide how to put them together and to see where this project is?????

Winter pictures from my living room window--

and from the Community room window down stairs--
we got about 6-7 inches here in downtown area--
up on the hills they got more!!!!

and here is a gift one of my neighbors got for Christmas--
this is huge--and sooo red!!!!!
guess this is enough for todays post--
I still have a couple kitty stories and pictures--
so be sure to tune in tomorrow night for the--rest of the story!!!!!

Hug, love, Di and her kitty--Miss Gracie!!!!

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