Friday, December 21, 2012


I had a nice couple of surprises today--

a little after noon today the door bell rang--
and it was Ana from the office and she handed me an envelope--
I had won--"Best Homemade" door decoration--
and I got a $10 gift card from Walmart!!!!

Then I went to get my B-12 injection for the month and some blood work--
and got a nice tray of Christmas cookies from the Nurse!!!!

Then I went to see my 'fur' balls--
had not been since Monday--way too long!!!
and I had some cards and gifts there waiting for me--
along with the kitties of course!!!

Sky-kitty is inside the bag!!!
the three that are still at the shop had more fun with this bag today!!!
I had gotten a small bag of 'sweet potato' chips-- and Sue at the yarn shop was eating some and she
dropped one on the floor-before she could reach down to pick it up--
guess who grabbed it and ran???
then Seneca had a fit--
so had to give her one--
soooo cute!!!!

Then I went around the corner to the quilt shop--
as I heard a rumor that the Christmas fabrics were at 50% off--
did any come home?????
what do you think?????
Did I need more????? NO!!!!!
the bottom one is a panel--
I just liked that gold one--can go with alot--
the green one will probably be the backing to the panel--
and that pretty pretty red one is for whatever--
and will go into my regular red stash--I just love it--got 2 yds of it!!!
and the two patterns were on for just $1.00 to day!!!!!

Hugs, Di and her own fur ball--Miss Gracie


  1. Hello Di! Sounds like a wonderful day. The new fabrics and patterns are very pretty! And congrats on winning the contest, but I am not surprised at all! Merry Christmas to you and Miss Gracie! xo Jen

  2. What a fun day! The shopping spree looks yummy! And who knew kitties liked sweet potato chips???
    So cute.

  3. Sounds like a perfect happy day for you...
    Love the fabrics that jumped into your bag...

  4. Well you had quite the day! FUN! Still think one of those kittens needs to b Graces baby sib!Lov that red fabby! Good deal on patterns!
    Sure hope I can be as productive as you in the New year!!!
    Thanks for all the sweet Season's Greetings!

  5. What a lovely day!
    Wishing you and Miss Gracie a Merry Christmas ..
    Big hugs!
    p.s: Card came today - thank you :-)

  6. Well, you certainly had a nice day, lots of lovely surprises!!! and some great bargains too!! Nice to see the kitties enjoying themselves, only two more sleeps before Santa arrives!!

  7. Hi, I didn't see the comment I left yesterday, I was asking about a pattern for your lovely block you are working on. I wish you would do a tutorial for us, love your blog, visit it daily!! Merry Christmas to you and yours..


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