Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I got the Christmas tote of --
in progress projects out--
you know the one that we have been working on all year?????
and ---
ouch--I need to do some finishing in here!!!
So what did I start working on????
sewing some blocks together--
I got this far--so far!!!
do have one more row to put all around this square that is at 27" now--
I am doing my own thing here--
( put maybe this pattern has been done by someone else in the past--
I have no idea--this is just what looked good to me today!!)
Can you guess what color the next row will be????????

then I have alot more blocks sewed with the white corners--
so will be doing another one--only the colors in it will be different!!!

I am working on hand quilting this one right now--
and this is the embroidery one I am working on--
Somebody is busy doing some Christmas stuff--

And just in case you are not counting the days--
I will for you--
you have 6  days to Christmas eve if you live in the USA--
less elsewhere!!!
Let's get busy--OH-- Hi miss gracie--
are you helping Mommy get all decorated for Christmas--
what a big help you are?????????????
Hugs, Us


  1. Cool block--is green next?? All your projects are looking good. and the cat is too funny. Have fun stitching!

  2. oh I am stitching one of those christmas trees too..........mine won't be finished before Christmas.......

  3. Hi Di! I recognise those gorgeous fabrics in your handquilting project!!! My local quilt store has that range and it has been very popular, I have made a couple of Christmas quilts using them, but alas! not yet completed, they will be ready for next year!!!
    Only a couple of days to go before Christmas, hope you and yours have a wonderful day, hugs to all the little furry ones too! Take care!!

  4. I love this block, did you make up the pattern? Wish you would do a tutorial for us...it's really a great one. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your blog so much


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