Thursday, December 6, 2012


It really was a hard decision--
on 'how' to decorate--
but seeing as 'how' I had already bought the 4 pkgs of garland--
and I was in the mood yesterday to start--
I did this--
This is on the wall right next to the computer here--
or when I sit in my rocker to do handwork--
I can see this wall very clearly--
so today we continued the adventure--
the only new thing on this years 'tree' is the white star at the top--
and that came from the Country shoppe!!
the angel that is sitting on the top of the star is 'old old old'-
I have no idea now when I made it--she is still a good angel--
and from here I did this--
So my two new dolly angels have a seat--along with the new 2 angel stockings I did this summer-!!!!

and here is the old wood cupboard--
 I love my truck pillow on that top shelf!!!!
and I moved the drop leaf table to behind the couch--
and here is what I did there--
My couch is wicker and though it is a very solid one--
it is easy to move out--
so I can still use the drop leaf table for basting my quilts---
Now I do have 2-3 more areas to decorate yet--
so maybe tomorrow that will get done--
but the mess is cleaned up and put back in the closet--
except for the things I still need to finish!!!!

Now onto the winner--

remember this little purse I got this summer????
I used it for the drawing pot!!!
wrote out everyones name on a yellow piece of paper--
folded it and slipped them all into the purse--
then shook the purse up--
and out popped a name--
Guess that Sunny has a charm pack coming in the mail one day next week!!!!!
thanks to everyone who played--it was fun to see your answers and why you said what you did!!!!

Cat news--
Good news is--
all kitties have been adopted--
even Spirit-momma--
so the bad news is--
there won't be any shop cat!!!!
these '3' little ones, will probably be staying awhile yet--
we will have to see--
I sure will miss going and seeing them--
and cuddling them and playing with them--
and ..........
Monty will miss my camera, too!!!!!

So how is everyone doing on all the Christmas 'stuff'????
Hugs,Di and miss gracie


  1. Wow--you have been hit by the Christmas spirit! Looing good! Now can you get down here and help me please!

  2. Yippee! But could you deliver the charm pack in person, and decorate for me? Great job at your place. Oh, and bring Monty with you. I'm in love.

  3. Looks lovely, Di. I have to wait a bit longer or everything gets a coating of dog hairs!
    Does little missy leave things alone? A lot of temptation there :-)
    I'm so glad the cats have found homes, I did wonder.
    Have a lovely weekend, Di.


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