Thursday, December 27, 2012


I really don't know what I would do without my blog friends--
between emails and cards and gifts--
you have made my holiday a great one--
and I want to share some of my 'bounty' with you!!!

This sweet star and very glittery card is from Anne-lise in Norway--
thank you so much--love them both!

and this cute little doll planter and the 2 pieces of fabric that were tucked into the the planter, along with this cute cute chicken picture frame is from Lola--
I love them all and my little brain is working on how to use them the best way!!!
thanks you so much--love!!!

and this cute tree card and this to die for "pink pink" knitted scarf is just luscious!!!!
and is from Nola--
Now Nola we do carry this yarn at the shop--
but--but not this color--so I can't thank you enough for this oh so delightfully pink scarf!!!
and this is something I would not have made for myself--
so thanks alot!!!

and this nice collection of gifts came from Sunny--
we both love the word -Believe--so we always exchange a gift every year with that word on it--
she made that beautiful counted cross stitch pillow--I just love it--
it is soooooo pretty and that little cat ornament--
Will be treasured all year this year--
and I love red and white and the word 'joy'--that was my word for many years--
before the word Believe !!!!!
Thank you for all my lovely new treasures,!!! I heart them!!!


I got alot of lovely's from my friend Alice--
here is one set---the little silver angel also has the word Believe on it--
and just look at that chocolate--what was that you said, Alice--
ahhh--yes there 'was' two chocolate bars--No Alice I wouldn't have eaten one already--
what--you say that it looks like the bag of chocolate has been opened, too?????
oh not me,says Di--had to have been Miss Gracie!!!!!
And she knows I love organic peanut butter--
but look at the word in orange--'wild'--so if I am alittle 'wilder' than usual this next month--
you can blame it all on Alice!!!!!
and yes, a mouse has already been in the jar of peanut butter--what can I say???
I just love these gifts toooooo much not to eat them!!!!!!

and here is a neat snowman and some cute cute mini baking cups---
I almost bought me a new snowman for this year--
so glad I didn't--it wouldn't mean the same as this one!!!
wonder if the baking cups are a hint??????
and it would not be Christmas if we didn't send aleast a one or two pieces of cloth--
love love these two--can you see what is in the mittens--look in the upper left corner???
some mice--I love mice!!!
and a set of three heart shaped stacking boxes--
and look what they say one the tops of them---
what a beautiful set--wonder what I can hide in them?????
Hummm-oh I know--some of that chocolate, so miss gracie doesn't eat it all up on me!!!!!!
Plus Alice always send me a really neat card--
see the above photo--
now look--
when you set it to stand up,  it looks like a snow globe!!!!!!
now how neat is that????
Alice I love them all and then some--

I am simply blown away with everyone's thoughts and gifts--
Hugs, love, and smiles :-) Di and miss gracie


  1. I love your 'Believe' boxes! I knew I had to make that cat ornamentfor you as soon as I saw it. Glad you like it.

  2. Nice to see you were spoilt for Christmas Di...

  3. See how good Santa thinks you are!! I love the mice in the mittens ...

  4. Looks as though Santa was busy at your house this Christmas!!! You did well! All the very best for the New Year!

  5. The snowglobe card is amazing! I recently made a pink and white scarf just like the one you received. I LOVE it and I really enjoy making the ruffle scarves.

  6. You needed an angel to watch over you and Miss Gracie! I use the planters to store stuff in... pens, scissors, fats,etc. Looks like you were spoiled! Happy New year!!!


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