Thursday, December 13, 2012


Look  'who' is back at the yarn shop!!!!
My Odie is back---
his new home did not work out--so it looks like he may be the Yarn shops cat yet!!!
And Sky is back at least for a while--not sure if her family will keep her or not--
it seems they have another 'cat' at the house that kinda (really doesn't) like out Sky--
I do know that Sky will be at the yarn shop until the first of the year as her new family is going out of town for the holidays!!!!
and here is Spirit too--
do you think that these kittens like this chair?????
Spirit, Odie, and Sky where at the clinic yesterday and there will be no babies for these 3 now!!!!
In one way it is sad for Spirit as she was and is a great momma!!!
Little Ty went to be with his new family yesterday--will miss him toooo!!!!
I think Spirit and Monty (orange one) will go to their new home later this week or the week end--
that leaves Seneca, Odie and Sky at the yarn shop through the holidays--
I just wished we could keep them all there!!!!!!!

Well---my Christmas cards are all done that need to be mailed--
and all my packages have been mailed--
and I got another counted cross stitch finished today---
so I am moving right along!!!!
and HOW are you doing?????????

I did find that I have '3' Christmas quilts that need backing and batting and someone(??)
to hand quilt them--humm wonder how that happened?????
And I have 12 counted cross stitch ornaments that need to be finished into ornaments--
and I do believe that there is '3' pillow tops that I did back in Jan or Feb that need to be finished--
and if I look really 'hard' I bet I can find some more ufo's that are wip's all waiting for the Christmas elves to come by and finish them!!!!!
There is that 'elf' now--see he is just 'playing' around when he should be working!!!!!
Hugs,Di and miss gracie


  1. You don't love kitty's do you????

  2. Darling pictures that you captured, Di!!!1

    Hugs, Carolyn

  3. Better to know that the homes didn't work out sooner rather than later, poor little things!!! It always takes a while for little babys to settle in, and sometimes I think people are not patient enough to give them a chance, I know it took 'Mini' a while to settle in after I got her, I was patient and reassuring to her and she settled in soon enough, she gets on well with the dogs, they didn't faze her at all LOL!, got used to the routine of the house and she has never looked back! I do hope they go to loving homes, after everything they have been through they deserve it!
    All your UFO's mean you really had a very productive year Di!!! Each piece will get finished in due time. Take care over the holidays and enjoy those little treasures for a bit longer. Big cuddle to Miss Gracie too!!!......

  4. super cute pictures!!! I will miss them when they finally get their forever homes, but I am glad that they have them!!! You will get those quilts done in no time!


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