Sunday, December 2, 2012


Next--1,000 posts!!!!!
I know that I have a great group of friend in blogland--
I was worried there that maybe I was asking a 'bit' too much--
as usually when there is a celebration the blogger does the giving away!!!
so I am sooo happy and feel sooo blessed that you helped me
I hope that you enjoyed helping me, too!!!

Here is what I did --
I took this --
nice stack of fabric to  Sue at the Yarn shop--
for her missionary group to make aprons for gifts for the ladies in Honduras in January!!!
Sue was really happy and loved the colors!!!

So now let's see--
OHhhhh--a kitten update I guess--
My very favorite one--Odie got a new home--
He actually went to live with Sue's daughter--
but oh how I miss him!!!

And Sky has a new home--miss her too!!!
Seneca is spoken for now too--
As is Ty--but I believe they are still at the yarn shop--
have not gotten there for 2 days to see them--
So at last count--
we have--
Monty without a new family yet--
and then there is Spirit, Momma kitty--
which ever of these two are left--
the yarn shop will keep??????

So now it is onward to the next celebration--
Here is a couple hints?????
can anyone guess what it is?????

Hugs, Di and her very own kitty--
Miss Gracie!!!!


  1. Pleased most of the kitty's have found a home..
    You are very strong not to give in and take Ty. He is just gorgeous and I am sure Miss Gracie wuld love him...

  2. All of those kittens are so cute... I am happy to hear that they are finding good homes! I'll bet you are too!

  3. Glad to hear some of the kitties have found homes!! I think little Monty is so cute and Spirit too! I sure hope another loving home is found, love that the shop is prepared to have a shop cat!! I wish them all well, as they had such a dreadful beginning to their lives!! Hope all is well with you and Miss Gracie!


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