Friday, January 11, 2013


For another week end????
what will you do????
Or play--

I did get a picture of Mr. Odie doing his office work today!!!
Oppps--I mean Pam doing her's and Mr. Odie is supervising!!!!!

and here is his sister--
doing her 'thing'--turning away from the camera!!!!

Here is some dishcloth knitting I have gotten done--
Love the new colors of yarn I picked up since the first of the year!!!

and here is a couple pieces of hand work projects--
the top one is a snowman in blue work--
he is large with lots of detail--think I will use this piece as a center to a quilt-wall hanging!!
the one under it is really a wool work project--but have to do some stitching first!!
and I have a quilt nearly hand quilted--

But I was bad today--
I was really suppose to be sewing together tiny square blocks into 9 patches--
they will be 3 inch square when sewed together and I need 4 squares for each larger block--
and there is 9 larger blocks in the quilt--It is  a Jo M quilt for class one Sunday!!!!!

and two beautiful fur balls!!!!


  1. Hi Di. I really like the new colors of yarn. They are all sooo pretty--too pretty to use!
    I am going to be house-cleaning this weekend and try to work on my hexies some more.I have found so many beautiful things on Pinterest that I would like to use these for, But at the rate I am going, I 'm not going to get very many of them made.
    I found a blog that I think you will like. She is stitching snowmen in blue and I thought of her when I saw yours.She has lots of other stitcheries on there and I think she sells some of her patterns. The blog Check her out. You might like her.
    Hope you have a great night.

  2. Look at all those cute kitties. You have the best life - all day long you get to stitch and sew and play with kitties. I can't wait until I can retire. :-)

  3. Your dishclothes are so pretty you might almost want to do dishes. That was almost! You have been busy! Glad you still have time to visit the babies.

  4. My weekend is over..sigh... went way too quickly! Love the dishcloths - which pattern do you use? Have a great weekend xxx

  5. Odie is so cute helping out! Pretty dish clothes. Here I am beginning the sew room sort around. Got all the holiday stuff put away finally. Have Va Tech quilt to begin. Look forward to seeing those blue snow folks! Oh yeah we have white stuff today....heavy fog that is!

  6. Love those iittle kitties and the yarns you used for the dish cloths. It's nice to know I wasn't the only one not doing something that I should have been doing. Oh well, today is another day.

  7. Pretty dishcloths! Nose to the grindstone here... had to take up DH's new trousers. Boring and timeconsumimg - but at least he took the dogs out while I was measuring and sewing ... grin - only minus 17! Glad I had important work to do :-)

  8. Gorgeous day today! Low 70's, and sunny. We turned the heat off, opened the doors, and enjoyed the Spring-like weather.

  9. Lots of projects prepared for the week ahead. Hugs...

  10. Nice work on the go! I keep on knitting this smal hat for a premature baby, in pink wool, to early to show. Love The colors in your yarn..


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