Thursday, January 31, 2013


wonder if all the kings men can put it back together again!!!
Remember my new quilt top from yesterdays post??

and you know about the best 'froggin' tool on the market???
Clover seam ripper!!
Well--this afternoon they got together and this is what I found on the floor!!!

now what and 'why' is it all apart?????
It seems that when 'Di' was eating her breakfast this morning she looked over to
'admire' her new top--But-- she thought she was going to do that 'v' word!!!
She said she had to get rid of that 'awful' shade of green--
it just ruined the whole quilt!!!
So that is just what she did this afternoon--
and now look--

Look at how different this is and the colors go better--
this purple fabric was in the kit too--they had used it somewhere else--
but I do believe that it looks good here and only a small amount of it!!

Soooo--hopefully when Di looks at the quilt in the morning--

where she saw the other one--she will 'smile' instead of 'v'!!!!!
so see the Kingsmen can put the egg back together again and it is even better than it was in the beginnning!!!!!

OK let's talk about Odie--
I went to see him again today--
you see--I do love this kitten--
I love him enough to want is the very best for him--
and I have not had 'peace' about him coming here!!!
I don't really know why--I just haven't!!
So I went today and talked to Sue, at the shop (Pam was out at the time)
and we both knew that having 'peace' about something is important!!
then I sat in the chair and Odie did come to me and wanted some loving--
as we sat there doing that, Pam,. came in--and that was the end of Odie and me--
Odie loves Pam--
Pam had washed his rug that he likes from his room and she was sitting there and we
were talking and Odie laid down on the rug immediately and looked up at me--
with this 'soft' sweet face--that did show 'peace' and it was like he said to me--
I am home--this is where I want to be for now!!!
Soo--that is where he will stay for now--
this doesn't mean that I might not still bring him home at some point--
it just means that the best place for him right now is right where he is!!!
Does any of this make sense to you????

We did get a 'little' snow flurry late this afternoon--
by the time I took the picture it was done!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie



  1. Hi Di. Yes-it makes a lot of sense to me.I understand exactly how you feel. Sometimes we just get certain feelings and we just have to go with them because we know they are right. I know you love Odie, but I know you want to do what is the right thing for every one. i believe that everything always works out in the end and whatever is supposed to happen will.So, you hang in there and if it is ment for Odie to come live with you, then it will happen.
    As for the quilt, it is hard to really see it in the pictures, but I really liked the green. Of course, that just happens to be my favorite color. But it seems like it brought out the green in that black border. In person, it could have been a different color and didn't go well with the rest of the colors.
    It was cold in my sewing room today, so I thought I would do some embroidery on a quilt. I didn't get much of it done though because it was too dark in the house. I sure will be happy when the sun starts shining again.
    Well, I have ran my mouth enough for tonight so I will close. Hope you have a peaceful night and a great day tomorrow.

  2. OK, I think that is why it takes me so long to get borders on things. I take forever to make up my mind. Almost Friday, I am ready for it. you will just have to take lots of walks to visit the baby--good for both of you. Hope the weather cooperates!

  3. Well it sounds like Odie has the best of both worlds! And you'll still get to see him.

    I didn't dislike your first version of your quilt, but I do like the newer one better! I hope it brings a smile to your face tomorrow morning.

  4. I like both versions of your quilt, but I like this one better.

    Sound like you and Odie have come to an understanding. Things always have a way of working out as they should.


  5. Peace is important for you and Odie. If he is at peace there and you are at peace with him being there then that is a good thing. I am glad you can wait until something changes or maybe it doesn't change and he is your favorite furry friend at the shop. Glad you are happier with your quilt. I know how it is when you aren't settled with something. I ended up adding an applique border to a big wide 4 inch floral print border that just looked at me and said I am boring! It was a lot more work but in the end it totally made the quilt! I am giving it away to Project Linus. Well, stay warm! K-

  6. I can see that you do indeed love this little fellow Odie, and that you need to do what you feel is right for the little guy! If he is happy where he is and is getting his needs meet then that's how it should be!! I know you will visit with him when you can and give him lots of kitty cuddles, who knows what will eventually be!
    I don't mind your alternate fabric for your wall-hanging, it's funny how some days one fabric looks right and the next day all wrongLOL~~

  7. I actually liked the green - at least how it looked in the photo, but todays colour is fine, too.
    Odie is lucky having a "back-up" Mum if need be and you still get to visit and have cuddles. Miss Gracie had a narrow escape there, now she can have you all to herself :-)
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  8. It's amazing what you did to that quilt - just amazing how much better it looks! You are doing so well to listen to what God is telling you about Odie. Hard to do, I know. Thanks for the lesson.

  9. Love Clover seam-riper, I have at least 4! Like both versions of the quilt :-) I am sure Odie is liking where He is, and a happy sewing time to you Di.


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