Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Anyone want some?????
Forgot to mention that my Mom's birthday was Jan 21st--
she was born in 1929 and died just a couple days after her 73rd birthday!!!
And she stitched this picture--it is done with wool yarn and was a kit--
and it is considered--Crewel Embroidery--
I think she did a great job!!!
this hangs in my kitchen--yep with all the chickens--
as lot of those chickens where her's to begin with!!!
the chickens on the two white shelves where hers!!

Why am I telling you all this--
Cause I refuse to talk about the cold, bitter, weather--

What Miss Gracie???
Yes--I know that it is cold, bitter, windy out--but???
What was that Miss Gracie???
Yes--most of my blog friends know that it is cold, cold, bitter, bittttter, and winnnndyyyy out!
Oh--you silly cat--you tricked me in to talking about the weather didn't you!!!!

As it was Tuesday--most of you know that my friend, Anne, comes to quilt with me--
I did not think she would come today because of the cold--but she did and we had a lovely time hand quilting--I am working on that I had set aside while I did the little Christmas quilt--but now I have to hurry and get this one done as I found a quilt top that is very Valentineie to do?????

After she left I did a real exciting job--
did the laundry--so sat down in the laundry room for a couple hours--
and no I did not leave my sewing unattended like last Friday!!!!
and I did work on Hexies--more on this tomorrow--
So what this means is--
I have no sewing pictures to show for a day's worth of work!!!!!!

with some help from Miss Gracie!!!


  1. Brrrrr.....it was cold and windy here today, too! Now I'm cozy in my stitching chair, with some pretty yarn. I'll continue to watch and see what you've been working on.

  2. I'd like to see what you were working on. Your title has got me hungry for doughnuts!
    Have a lovely week, xx

  3. Love your mom's crewel work. I know I did some of that a really long time but I can't remember what.
    Poor Miss Gracie--I hope she gets warm.

  4. I will trade you some of your cold for some of our heat :)

  5. The quilt your mother made is very pretty. It's cold here too, minus 17,8 C now in the morning.

  6. How nice that you have your mother's chooks, they make a lovely display!! - her framed embroidery is a lovely momento too!!! Glad you had a cosy day with your friend Anne, I bet Miss Gracie enjoyed the company as well!!!

  7. Hi Di! Glad Anne made it over to you so you could have a natter.
    Guess what - my dad's birthday was Jan 21st! :-)
    Brr! Cold here, too - minus 24 - but not windy. And I must go put on a pile of clothes because the dogs want to go out - again!

  8. We are wicked cold here as well! Had to go out in it yesterday but today my rear will stay in and sew! Lovely treasures from your Mama!

  9. How brave was your friend to brave the cold and come and stich with you Di..
    Look forward to see what you made.

  10. Hi Di. It was great that your friend could come over to be with you on a day like yesterday. Can't wait to see what you did.
    Lovely treasures that you have of your mothers.My mom made a quilt for all the girls and gave them to us before she passed away. She was 86.
    Yesterday was a rough day physically. Hope today is better. And I hope you have a warm and productive day!

  11. The wool crewel picture is lovely! Hmmm...your mom would have been able to join in on your wool challenge this month :) xxx


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