Monday, January 28, 2013


just don't have alot of finishes to show yet!!
I know it sounds like a good 'excuse' doesn't it???
Here is todays finish though--
I got the shoe bag finished for Chookyblues SAL--
(and I also have made the thread catchers--sooo--)
I am just a building these days!!

And I decided to join in Terry's SAL--
and here is what I will be working with for that quilt-
I am going to use dark solid colors for the charm part and then 'leftover' jelly roll strips for the white part--
I hope to get these cut by the 1st of Feb. so that I am ready for that first stitching part!!!
The strips above are some that were left over from last years Some kind of Wonderful SAL with Chookyblue--the darker ones I sewed together and make a big reel of binding for that quilt and then some???  and I sorta and put away the larger pieces that were left--so I basically cleaned out a drawer today--
only then I filled it back up with this new quilt project!!!!

Been working on bits of this project and that project--
some is prep work--some is the hand quilting projects that are being worked on--
and I read a book over the week end--
Talking about books--
I have 3-4 mystery novels floating around in my head that I need to write--
so maybe I need to change 'careers' here and write some books instead of sewing--
what do you think??????
I am hungry tonight for some reason--
guess just bread and peanut butter for supper is not enough--
I knew I should of thrown some jelly on top too!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Love your shoe bag--it is so patriotic. I like the way you are going to do Terry's SAL. Colorful and frugal.

  2. Your shoe bag is very very cute!!!!
    Look forward to following your SAL with Terry!!! Counting down the days till your little man comes home to live......

  3. What a lovely shoe bag!
    I have joined Terry's SAL too. Look forward to see the different quilts all will be making!

  4. Pretty shoe bag! Looks like you are going to have a colourful quilt in the make, looking forward to see it as it grows.

  5. Hi DI. Pretty bag! Glad you got some things done yesterday. It seems like it takes the longest to get all the prep work done before you get to the really fun stuff.
    I did a lot of sewing yesterday-then had to turn around and take it all back out last night. I was having trouble putting it together but I didn't know why. Watched a video on how to put it together and I saw why mine didn't want to fit. Oh, well. Today is another day.
    Have you heard anything about Odie yet? I have been thinking about him all weekend. I hope you get to bring him home soon.
    Got to go. All those cupcakes are making ME hungry! Maybe I will have a piece of cake. Have a great day.


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