Sunday, January 20, 2013


To all my 'old' long time friends--
Please do not worry--even a tiny bit---
you are and always will be in my thoughts, wishes, hopes, and dreams--
and as long as I have a way to stay in touch, I will keep track of you!!!

Now I do have a confession--
I have deleted from the main blog sites at times some of the blog addresses--
but that is only cause you forgot about me/us and stopped blogging for over 3 months--
and I had no way to stay in touch--so be ware and keep up with doing a post now and then!!!!!!
No sleeping on the job---

And I did forget to tell you where I found this list--
list of over 400 bloggers--
it is on and she did a 'grow your own blog' post yesterday--
and I found it from another site and so popped over--and then visited all afternoon!!!
These new blog sites, that I picked, are still kinda small ones but I did find them most interesting--
and there is a variety  of my interests here--quilting, knitting, counted cross stitch, nature, farms, and lots of great photograph taking--!!!
you may want to visit Vicki and go friend shopping from the list--
she has the list broken down by follower count--so keep scrolling down her page--
mine are from the first list---

And to the new ones that are listed --
I want to say that if you stop by here to visit--
and I want to say that I did not sign up to follow you--
so that you would come here and read me--Nope--
I truly signed up cause I like what you are doing and want to--
keep an 'eye' on you!!!!!

and that goes for you 'old' friends as well!!!!!

As of tonight--
we are going to be really really cold here and then some--
I do have some running around that I have to do tomorrow--
sure hope that I don't 'freeze' in my tracks somewhere--
so I can come back tomorrow night and 'gab' some more!!
and kitty cat--Miss gracie


  1. I'm an 'old' friend, so thanks for keeping me! I envy you for having time to go friend shopping. But it's the perfect time of year. We're going to get very cold here the next few days, and I would love to stay home and stitch but alas, I have to go to work. Sure interferes with what I'd like to be doing!! Stay safe!

  2. Hi Di. Sent you an e-mail so I won't say anything else for tonight.Stay warm and take care.

  3. I will have to check out that list, but... no time today... got class and shop open tonight! Have a great day xxx

  4. I think I have to take a look at the blogger list. It's nice to get new friends.
    It's cold here too, so I'm glad I have firewood.

  5. Someone needs to keep me on my toes and all that. Hee Hee--I feel like a really old friend right now!

  6. I guess I'm a bit of an old friend, stay safe out there Di, in that cold icy weather, your little furry ones need you! I'm afraid I'm one who hasn't updated her blog in quite a while, it's a time thing for me as I still work full-time and life gets in the way....
    I still like to follow my favourite blogs though, to see what you are up to.....

  7. Nice to see I'm still a friend - whew!! Thank you for the link, I am going to enjoy having a browse!

  8. I ment to tell you that I love the little bears you put on your blog. I collect bears and I have them every where in my house. Wish I could take these and add them to my collection!

  9. I do a check too of the blogs I follow. But I usually wait until a half year. If they haven't blogged for a half a year, it's probably because they have lost interest. Updating is refreshing.


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