Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I spent most of the day in the sewing room--
decided today was a good day to work in the 'wool'--
as it was cold, wet and a bit snowy out--
and here is what 'sprang' from being in there--
two new 'mice' pincushions--
in the pattern they also had glued the cushion to a spool of thread--
but I felt that might make them 'top heavy'--
and I like mine this way--who ever gets the second one can do that to theirs if they want!!!!
and again--I forgot they need bows around their necks!!!!?????
and I was so excited--they used 'rusty' heavy wire for tails--
I went looking for my pipecleaners--
I used to have so much of that stuff--but with all the sewing I do now--
I have gotten rid of alot of it--
I was so happy--I found one----just one grey pipecleaner--
but that is all I needed for the two of them!!!!

Late this afternoon, after the mice where all made
I remembered it really was 'hexie' day--
so quickly cut some hexies in the solid coral fabric and played--

I am thinking this is how I might do mine--
but still playing around!!!!

And I did go see Odie today again--
but he is in the doghouse!!!
On Wednesday the normal clerk who works doesn't give the kittens much attention--
and Pam is out of town for the rest of the week--so decided I would go and have my loving session with Odie--
welllll--I also took him 2 new sponge type balls--
and oh boy did I make his day--
he had a 'ball' with them--
and he only let me hold him for a minute and he had to get down and go back  to playing!!!
and the Mon/Tues clerk was there today anyways --and she had been entertaining him--
so I watched him awhile and came home to the mice building--

It was wet and a bit snowy here today--

but we don't even have enough to build a snowman--yet????

How is the 'wool' projects coming ?????
Have a great stitchy day tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. What is that snowman cross stitch on your shelf? I think I'm in love! We didn't get any snow in my town, but about an inch where I work. No snowmen for us today.

  2. NO snow today, but we are supposed to have some come in tomorrow night. It has been up in the high 60's for about a week now. It has rained every day and there is so much water you can't step outside without getting your feet wet.Tomorrow will be rough after all the warm weather we have had.
    I like the way you are doing your quilt. That is the design that I had picked out, but I am going to add white around mine before I add the solid ones in the centers.I think it will be very pretty.
    Have a great night!

  3. I LOVE your hexies, the fabric is very pretty and how cute are the mice!

  4. Lovely hexies Di and such cute mice too.
    Definately no snow here...LOL

  5. Lovely haxies, we have some snow so the grond is white with some ice under.

  6. Cute mice! What does miss Cracie think of them ??
    Getting close to a wool "show" !
    We have some snow, but it is frozen solid! Today is only minus 10, possible to go out without the cold burning your face :-)

  7. Your wooly mice are wonderful. We don´t have any snow just rain.

  8. awwwwwwww! Cute bunnies. I cannot wait to see the hexies all done up. They are so pretty!

  9. Your little wool mice are very cute!!!! I like your choice of the solid hexies inbetween the flower hexies, allows the flowers to stand out!!!

  10. Like the hexies! It is going to look great! xxx

  11. I love that those hex quilts. I have been wanting to make one, but I am a little intimiated. You should post a tut on the hex! Love the blog found you through the byob


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