Thursday, February 28, 2013


and nearly gone---
the month of February 2013!!!
It really did not 'fly' by us-=
it is just because it is 2-3 days shorten in length--
that is allll?????? right??????

So here are my final projects for this short month--
This was the leaders/enders project I was working on--
the line, remember, is called Ecthings--and the 3 borders are all from that line--
the center blocks are from just a mini charm pack!!!

And this quilt of the 4-patch posie that has sit in a drawer for a couple years now is done--
It is about 58" x 58"--which is small compared to the original pattern
but it is still too large for me to hang so I could photo the whole thing!!!!
the white strips came from the border print that I bought at the time to use--
and to me it is those white strips with the little blue flowers that makes the whole quilt!!!!
This is the quilt folded in half--
I have named this one--4x4 yellow rose quilt!!
as I took 4-4 patch blocks and sewed them together for the larger block!!!

and on this last day of Heart Month--
look what I found--
It is a dark chocolate covered raisin--and somehow a second raisin I guess attached itself to the first one and how it looks like a heart!!!!
Ain't that ---cooool--??????

Well--I do know that some of you did do your wool projects--
so please email me a picture if you can for me to share here--

Hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


into the last two days of February--
(and well--for some of you tomorrow may be the last day of the month!!!)
Anyways--rest assured that  I am working real hard to get some finishes done--
as this is a short month---
Today this is the first finish--
Another wool project--
and I can't believe how long this ended up coming out--(33")
sure didn't look this large on the pattern picture!!!!
but I do love it--
It is mounted on two pcs of the cake cardboard, like  I do for the counted cross stitching--
I will probably be finishing it off further--but not sure yet just how????
and late this afternoon I did get this finished--
This is called "Lollipop" and they used a Chroma Fingering yarn-
but I liked this yarn and it was a fingering yarn so I went for it--
I also make mine shorter--you know us short humans don't like stepping on the ends of our shawls!!!!

And this afternoon I pretended to be Danica Patrick and put my foot to the petal--
on the sewing machine==
I got more done on two projects--
first one is the 4 patch posie one--
We are nearly ready for the outside borders on this one--
and while doing this one--
I kept working on the leaders/enders project--
This is a mini charm pack of Etchings line-- I did not do any matching here--
just did 9 patches any ole way--which was kinda fun!!!
ready to finish this one off too--

Well--we are not in line for some ice/sleet/snow for the next 24 hours--
and I am out of chocolate!!!!
you--bloggers are just slave drivers that I did not take time to take the bus
to wal mart today for that much needed 'fuel'--chocolate--
sooooo--tomorrow might turn out to be an interesting day--hu?????

Alice is the winner of yesterdays guess--as it was the wool project--
but thanks to everyone who guessed--I love seeing people answer a fun question!!!
So what are you trying to finish by the last day of Feb????

Oh and the color bom is now in a button for you at the top of the list of blogsites
here on this page on the right hand side!!!
So pop over and have a looky-see!!!!
what I like is the fact that you can pick out your own block and you can make it as scrappy as you want to--
so get to it !!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Monday, February 25, 2013


colors--so far--
I joined the color a month scrap bom--
January's color was pink--
And February's color is purple--
and this is the pattern that I chose to do for my blocks--
I wanted a fairly easy block--just wanted one that did use some different prints in it--
and this is the one-- that won--
and I found a jelly roll of solid  colors that I will be using for the 't' part--
or going and getting a solid to go with the block colors if I don't find a solid in my stash!!!
This pattern comes from this book--
Now I can look at purchasing #2,#3, and I think there is even a 4th issue out now--
but told myself that I had to use book #1 first!!!!!!
and these blocks have been--
Miss Gracie approved--Alice I think, Miss Gracie  likes the purple one the best!!!

I did work all afternoon on another of the projects I listed yesterday and--
I nearly finished it --but????
Can you guess which one I am working on now???
Yep--there's a prize, too!!!!
Happy stitching day to all--
hugs, di and miss gracie

Sunday, February 24, 2013


On my week end--
Between yesterday-Saturday and Today, Sunday--
I worked on theses projects--
and I created a nice messy pile of colorful fabrics--
Sure hope the housekeeper/fabric putter-away- lady shows up for work tomorrow!!!!
To create this messy pile--
one had to create these smaller 'piles' of wanna-bee's!!!
Project one--
fabric is cut to stitch 2 blocks together--for a bom--
Project two--
Is a older leader/ender project that has been sewed together and now needs batting and backing--
so I can quilt it into a small doll quilt and pillow--
Project three--
is another leader/enders project that is also now coming together--
Project four--
Is the 4-patch posie--I am on Plan B-2----
but it is working for me this time!!!!!!!
Project five--
gets worked on during the night mostly but we are getting it done--soooo!!!!!
a knitted shawl--
and Project six that was worked on today is--
While I watched this lady--
Danica Patrick made some more history for women in the racing world--
way to go Danica--
She set the record in History for--
1.first women to qualify for the pole position in NASCAR
2.first women to lead a couple laps today under a green flag--
3. first women to finish the race in top 10 position--
Thank you Danica for making us Women look gooood today out there!!!
(Ps--I had 'dreamed' at one time of being a NASCAR driver--
I loved speed back in my driving days--how I never got a speeding ticket is beyond me!!!!)

So what did you do this week end????????
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Friday, February 22, 2013


to the sewing room today--
and here is the proof--
Looky at what 'hopped' out of the sewing machine?????
Another tote bag--
used the Red Home pattern like for the SAL of Chookyblues--
only did not do an embroidery for the front--
instead just fussy cut the larger frog print--
here is the linning--
So now I have a 'froggy orange' tote to tote around!!!!!

And I did work on this a bit--
but--Plan A is not going to fly--
so back to the drawing board--or thinking board as it would be!!!

So who all is going to watch the NASCAR race on Sunday?????
and who is your favorite driver/team?????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I actually made it into the sewing room for a whole 45 minutes today--
does that count--?????
I even sewed on the sewing machine for about 15 minutes of that time--
how exciting!!!!
I sewed together the rest of the 4-patch posie blocks--
but now I have a 'real' problem--
How do I finish these--
where do I go from here???
both of these background fabrics go with the line that I used for the blocks--
the yellow is really quite bright and I believe it will be too much for the blocks--
and I am not even sure on the blue which is what I have had in mind since day 1--
of starting this quilt--I think it looks a bit busy????
Soooo what to do --what to do?????

I had to go and get my B-12 injection today and then on to get some counted cross stitch patterns enlarged so I can read them--boy are some of them -- tiny---!!!
So I also skipped on up the block to see Odie--
he is 5 months now--
and he is in the 'teenage' stage--where he only wants to do 'what he wants' to do!!!
but he did finally let me hold him for a minute or two--
Pam says he does well with the going back and forth in the car and doesn't make a 'peep'--

And when I got home I did get this 'allllllll' finished--
I even had some neat trim that went great with it--
and I am ahead of the game as the second one in this series is not ready for shipment yet--
so on to something else??????

Ok--Time to get serious here--
I am a Captain--now did I tell you yet????
Captain this year of the steps program that I was in last year--
so who would like to join me in keeping track of your steps each day?????
Step step step--so simple!!!

Have a great--

Hugs, di and miss gracie

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As I did not make it in and out of Walmart with out -
something 'extra' in hand--
or rather 'in the bag'!!!!
I only went for a few groceries--
but look what I found in the shopping bag--
when I went to put the 'groceries' away--
A 100% all cotton night shirt--
love this style of nightshirt-
and "yes" I have plenty--
but I did not have a purple one--
and not a purple one with lambs on it--!!!!!

Was 'naughty' again today--
did not make it to the sewing room--
I have decided it is all the Presidents fault---
they had to have a holiday on Monday and it seems that the whole week has been 'on' holiday!!???
But I have gotten more counted cross stitch done on my lamb/snowflake one--
am nearly done on it--maybe if I am a good girl tonight--????????

Let me share a couple things with you--
In thinking about Easter--
I thought I would photo this--
I hand painted this--using the 'folk art' method years ago--
the photo does not do it justice--put I do love this painting--
it is done on wood and is exactly what I love--Country!!

and I must be already decorated cause I also found this hanging on the wall--

the big long wood bunny from the Country shop a couple years ago--
it hangs over my the 3 big windows in the living room-
again--it says 'Country' to me!!!

be good stay safe and stitch!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am here--
though I have not written to you in a couple days--
what can I say--
I did worked on an 'older' project that has been in the --
time out box!!
I know this is been in time out for a couple years--
but got it out and was using it as leader and enders while working on last weeks projects--
all the 4 patches are now ready to be sewed together to make the 4 patch--
whenever I can seem to find time to get back into the sewing room!!!!

This project--

is giving me 'nightmares' or was--
that snowflake has been restitched in parts so many times that it is not even funny anymore!!!!
sure hope that next months doesn't have a snowflake!!!
just a bit more to do on the 'scene' and then the fancy border!!!!

and Sunday--I worked on a 'timeout' knitted shawl and that was enjoyable!!!
and Yesterday I had to go to Sears and return something and then to that larger Walmart to get my glasses fixed--
and we even went into Joanns and I did not--
now are you 'listening' did not buy even one item--
I talked myself out of everything that 'tempted' me--
I don't usually listen to myself!!!!

and today was my Anne's day--
we quilted for awhile and then took her '96'year old mother out to lunch--
I had a fish sandwich and was good and did not eat the bun--
welll--the whole truth and nothing but the truth--
I did have some chocolate cheese cake for for--
my dairy allotment for lunch????????????
and we could say that the mini chocolate chips on the top was my veggies????????

I was in the bedroom and had the camera with me--
and looked up and seen my little cabinet--
so took a picture of the two shelves to share tonight--
I think the mice are trying to pretend they are geese and are just waiting for the scones to go with the tea!!!!

So what is next--
St. Patty's day--
or on to Easter/Spring??????

Hugs, Di and miss gracie

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