Thursday, February 21, 2013


I actually made it into the sewing room for a whole 45 minutes today--
does that count--?????
I even sewed on the sewing machine for about 15 minutes of that time--
how exciting!!!!
I sewed together the rest of the 4-patch posie blocks--
but now I have a 'real' problem--
How do I finish these--
where do I go from here???
both of these background fabrics go with the line that I used for the blocks--
the yellow is really quite bright and I believe it will be too much for the blocks--
and I am not even sure on the blue which is what I have had in mind since day 1--
of starting this quilt--I think it looks a bit busy????
Soooo what to do --what to do?????

I had to go and get my B-12 injection today and then on to get some counted cross stitch patterns enlarged so I can read them--boy are some of them -- tiny---!!!
So I also skipped on up the block to see Odie--
he is 5 months now--
and he is in the 'teenage' stage--where he only wants to do 'what he wants' to do!!!
but he did finally let me hold him for a minute or two--
Pam says he does well with the going back and forth in the car and doesn't make a 'peep'--

And when I got home I did get this 'allllllll' finished--
I even had some neat trim that went great with it--
and I am ahead of the game as the second one in this series is not ready for shipment yet--
so on to something else??????

Ok--Time to get serious here--
I am a Captain--now did I tell you yet????
Captain this year of the steps program that I was in last year--
so who would like to join me in keeping track of your steps each day?????
Step step step--so simple!!!

Have a great--

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Choices, choices--your blocks are cool. They show up better with the yellow,but I like the blue fabric so I am absolutely no help am I?
    Your little ornament came out great so I know you will figure it out.

  2. I like the blue background. Hugs....

  3. The little cross-stitch is just gorgeous!!!! So glad you got to have a hug with Odie, it must have been wonderful to see him!!!!

  4. How about using for sashing then yellow as a border. So pretty. Cute ornie. Bet you enjoyed the time with Odie.

  5. Hi Di. Your cross stitched ornament is absolutely gorgeous! You do such great work. I also like both the blue and the yellow so you could use one for the inside border and the other on the outside. I think it would be very pretty.
    Thanks to you, I have almost all of the embroidery done on my quilt. i only have a few more words to do. I had hoped to finish it today. But it is pouring down rain and I can't see that well when it is dark. So now I am wondering what I AM going to do. I guess I could do housework--NOT--I hate housework!Oh well, I am sure I can find something.
    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Hi Di!
    I must say I like the yellow, if it looks like the photo. The yellow really brings out the blocks.
    I'll join your steps programme .... I really need a shove to get going again. Must just dig out my pedometer ...


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