Thursday, February 28, 2013


and nearly gone---
the month of February 2013!!!
It really did not 'fly' by us-=
it is just because it is 2-3 days shorten in length--
that is allll?????? right??????

So here are my final projects for this short month--
This was the leaders/enders project I was working on--
the line, remember, is called Ecthings--and the 3 borders are all from that line--
the center blocks are from just a mini charm pack!!!

And this quilt of the 4-patch posie that has sit in a drawer for a couple years now is done--
It is about 58" x 58"--which is small compared to the original pattern
but it is still too large for me to hang so I could photo the whole thing!!!!
the white strips came from the border print that I bought at the time to use--
and to me it is those white strips with the little blue flowers that makes the whole quilt!!!!
This is the quilt folded in half--
I have named this one--4x4 yellow rose quilt!!
as I took 4-4 patch blocks and sewed them together for the larger block!!!

and on this last day of Heart Month--
look what I found--
It is a dark chocolate covered raisin--and somehow a second raisin I guess attached itself to the first one and how it looks like a heart!!!!
Ain't that ---cooool--??????

Well--I do know that some of you did do your wool projects--
so please email me a picture if you can for me to share here--

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Both quilts are lovely - I really like the leaders/enders one!!
    March already here and new challenges are lined up!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Gorgeous quilts and well done for finishing so much in this short month! I will send you a photo of my woollie water bottle cover or you can copy it from my blog? xxx

  3. Love the leaders/enders quilt, very nice, great border too!!
    The sashing you used in your yellow rose quilt really makes the quilt look complete!! I think you have achieved a lot this month!!!

  4. Pretty quilts! You got a lot done! Yes a short month but for us full of birthdays! We even have a leap year baby. SisIL is coming Sunday for her Feb 29th BD. So we are on to Spring or suppose to be we are still cold!

  5. Agree,far to short month, but glad a long one has arrived:-) Love both your quilts, especially the top one the CP. I have about 6 somewhere, so good idea for me aswell,Thanks to you and miss G!

  6. Both of your quilts turned out great of course. The border on your leader/ender is just perfect. One of therse days I will try mitred ends. So, did you eat the raisin or are you saving it for next year??? hee hee hee!!!!

  7. Hi Di. I love your leaders- enders quilt, but both of them are very pretty.
    WOW! I am so amazied by all the things that you do. But I figured out how you do it all. The elves that use to make the shoes for the shoemaker now come to your house and while you are sleeping, they do the sewing. You know they can visit me anytime. I have plenty they could do.
    It is so cold today.I made a few hexies and that was it. I am so ready for Spring! But they are actually calling for snow tommorrow. We will see. hope it is warm there.
    Have a great weekend!


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