Sunday, February 24, 2013


On my week end--
Between yesterday-Saturday and Today, Sunday--
I worked on theses projects--
and I created a nice messy pile of colorful fabrics--
Sure hope the housekeeper/fabric putter-away- lady shows up for work tomorrow!!!!
To create this messy pile--
one had to create these smaller 'piles' of wanna-bee's!!!
Project one--
fabric is cut to stitch 2 blocks together--for a bom--
Project two--
Is a older leader/ender project that has been sewed together and now needs batting and backing--
so I can quilt it into a small doll quilt and pillow--
Project three--
is another leader/enders project that is also now coming together--
Project four--
Is the 4-patch posie--I am on Plan B-2----
but it is working for me this time!!!!!!!
Project five--
gets worked on during the night mostly but we are getting it done--soooo!!!!!
a knitted shawl--
and Project six that was worked on today is--
While I watched this lady--
Danica Patrick made some more history for women in the racing world--
way to go Danica--
She set the record in History for--
1.first women to qualify for the pole position in NASCAR
2.first women to lead a couple laps today under a green flag--
3. first women to finish the race in top 10 position--
Thank you Danica for making us Women look gooood today out there!!!
(Ps--I had 'dreamed' at one time of being a NASCAR driver--
I loved speed back in my driving days--how I never got a speeding ticket is beyond me!!!!)

So what did you do this week end????????
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I love all the projects in your photos! Your hands have been quite busy! :)

  2. Ha! I doubt that there are many who could top what you accomplished this weekend. Certainly not me.

  3. Busy indeed! I sure wish she had one the race that would have been awesome!!! We did quilt show Sat so Sunday I was a tad tired but did get 2 projects finished up!

  4. Hi Di. You have been one busy lady! When that lady comes to your house to put away your fabric, would you please send her my way. I pulled out a bunch of fabric yesterday looking for some backing fabric. But then I forgor What I was looking for so I left it all out. Then I remembered later on so now I have to clean it all upHope you have a great day!

  5. You are speedy in the project department for sure. Can't wait to see what those yummy purples are going to look like! Have fun!

  6. Have fun with all your projects, love reading and seeing! Nice scawl. Your bag from last post is great,great panel :-)

  7. All your projects will certainly keep you busy Di!! Love you knitted shawl too, with winter coming up, down here, I'll be getting the knitting needles out to complete a few thing I started last winter!!
    Good to hear about Danica too, I have a secret desire to drive a V8 Supercar!!! Would just love it.....


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