Saturday, February 16, 2013


All that 'Mom' of mine does ---

is sew or stitch or knit--
when is she going to play with me--
see --
she has 'forced' me to watch out the window at the birds and people walking their dogs!!!

We still have '12' days left of February and I have--
yep==I have all my monthly challenges for the Internet--
Are you ready--
First up is the Wiggly Quilt along with Terry--

Here is the first strip--
these are so much fun to sew--
the light colored strips are left over jelly roll strips--
the solids are just a package of dark colored solid charms--

Then there is the sew along with Chookyblues group--
this month is a tote with an embroidery on the front--

There is my stitchery for the front of the tote--

Here is the back of the tote--

Here is the finished tote--
just love it--
do you see some of the newer red fabrics that followed me home,  in there???
and the lining is the sheep print--
but now I am torn--
I love this one--
but because of the saying on the front--
aren't we suppose to give it to a freind????

and I got the Christmas counted cross stitch done for February--

Had a good time stitching this one!!!

So what did you stitch this week????
How are those 'wool' projects coming???
Just 12 days left-gals!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Well done, they all look so pretty. I need to speed it up. You have freaked me out with that countdown. Plenty of time!!!

  2. You have some wonderful projects here. I really love the tote with that wonderful stitchery! Well done!

  3. Everything looks great! I love the colors in your Wiggly Whimsy! :0)

  4. Good girl! The tote is lovely. You could give it to your friend, Miss Gracie, and then you could borrow it sometimes :-)
    She does look a bit bored there - maybe you must make some new toys again.

  5. Hi Di. First, let me tell you how much I like the new look of your blog site.It looks so much like Spring and it has such a warm feeling.Great job!
    i love the tote also. It is very pretty. I have been seeing a lot of them all over blogland so I am preparing to make one as my next project.Not as pretty as your's though!
    Miss Gracie looks bored. You'll have to find her something new to play with.
    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Love the tote and especially the stitchery side, it is just lovely!!!! You've been nice and busy, but I think Miss Gracie gets lots of cuddles in between projects LOL!!!!

  7. But of course you have a lot done...when have you not! Hardest work'n gal in blogdom! Lov that tote...lov red colors. Poor Miss Gracie hav'n to just watch others having fun...;-)

  8. That bag of yours there looks top super! Love the stitchery :-)
    And well, have knitted two small premature-baby hats,tiny weeny they are. Started with a matching pink top!
    So soon thinking kitchen:))

  9. Your blog is beautiful and you are very creative ...full of ideas

  10. love your red and white bag..........


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