Wednesday, February 6, 2013


And so I have been--
Here is the little blocks of applique I did Monday--
Like I said before--these will go on Doll quilt #3 --

and it being Hexie day--
I did get 2 of them stitched together--
I did not do a good job of photoing them????

And I have yet to show you some of my shopping items from last Saturday--

found 2 more pkgs of cupcake papers for my collection--
and the chenille chicks--we always got some of these in our Easter baskets growing up!!!

I see a Spring wreath project coming up!!!

Stencil was on sale and there is 5 packages of trims here--
Love these 2 laser cut bird cages--they are small about 3"--????

I have red and I have red geraniums in the kitchen and I seen these package of paper plates--
have no idea yet how I will decorate with them--but then that is the fun of it --right???
two real pretty pins--

Miss Gracie wanted a coloring book!!!
Talking about miss gracie--
she tried to help me make the bed--

See she has her 'paws' on the edge of it??????????????

and I was in the mood to get all winter and the rest of Christmas put away today--
Melinda, our housekeeper, laughed at me--
as we are suppose to get a big snow storm on Friday and Saturday--
but she did change the 2 quilts on the wall behind the computer--

Here is what is up now--
and I discovered this--

little tiny bear pinned to the larger quilt--so I moved it up so I can see it--

I heard alot of noise this afternoon and discovered that 'Alice' and PW were fighting--
they wanted me to move the lamp over--
cause they want to go to school--
so whom am I to argue with a couple chickens!!!!
and here is the other wall--looks bare though after the green garland was up there--!!

this afternoon later I worked on counted cross stitch--
so what did you do today???????

Hugs, Di and a helpful (LOL) miss gracie


  1. I'm getting so tired of winters stuff, too! Why don't you grab a few of your things and come decorate my house?

  2. Oh My Goodness, Di! You have really been busy. I love all the decorations you put out.Miss Gracie must have had her hands--ummm-paws full.

  3. I'm really tired of winter stuff also. It felt so good to get it put away and bring out Valentines. Such a nice change. You really got some fun stuff while out and about. I really like the hexie's with the little dolls. Nola

  4. Well done!!! You have been very busy. Stitching and shopping and making kitties and chicken help with the decorating. The hexies are super cute!

  5. Ha! I read a book. I had to be at my son's to wait for the UPS guy so I watched TV and read. I admire anyone who does hexagons. I will never do any but yours are adorable. I love the fact that you cut the little motifs for them.
    Good going on the wall quilts. I should change mine up. We are supposed to get the storm too.
    My little kitty is purring in my ear at the moment...

  6. I love your little applique blocks!! I remember doing them some time ago, got the flimsy done, but not quilted yet!! I look forward to seeing your version of the rest of this quilt!! Your pins are adorable too, especially the little 'cat' one, very cute!!!!

  7. Always fun to see what treasures you find when you are out and about! I am fed up of winter, too, especially snow!
    Miss Gracie is a really cute and helpful kitty :-)


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