Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have to say that I have heard this alot--
but don't think I really understood it until now--
and now that is my new "thinking"--

Yesterday was a bit hard--
in a way--
you know you keep wondering if 'you' /"I" did the
right thing by leaving him behind--

but I now know that (at least 55 seconds out of 60seconds)
it is for the best and that I am ok with it--
I do think it rather 'funny' that Pam and I are 'fighting' over
this cat!!!

the point is--
he is loved by Pam and her husband--
he will have and has had a warm, safe, loving upbringing--
along with the other 5 kitties--

and last night Miss Gracie had her coughing spells--
and I realized that another kitty would mean more hair
flying around in the air, and so forth--

I believe that Pam said she would be taking Odie home to her place--
Once she had one of her cats 'put down' whom she said was ill--
so he won't be at the yarn shop--
but will be with someone more hours per day than at the yarn shop--
and this was one of my 'big' concerns in adopting him--
he is alone too many hours per day!!!
And I only asked God for a 'kitten' fix and he gave me 5 babies and a wonder momma cat--
to watch, nurture, and love --
I did not ask for another kitten to bring home!!
Prayers where answered--
with lots of photos to remember that time with!!!

So now it is onward with all those great sewing plans--
like laundry and grocery shopping--
Ahhhh--Di -- that doesn't sound like sewing???????
( Ahhh--but I have been--so tune in tomorrow for that chapter!!)
thanks again for all the encouragement and not getting upset when our plans didn't work out!!

Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. It's hard when you anguish over a decision, finally make one you are happy with and then have it not work out as planned. In the end your little friend will have a loving home and I guess that's all you wanted. Try not to be too sad. Hugs.....

  2. Hi Di.Just keep busy, think about the fun times, and try not to let it get you down.

  3. Aw that is too bad. But you are looking at it the right way...he will be a happy little kitty. xo Jen

  4. Just keep remembering that Odie has a good home. Do you have visitation rights?

  5. {{{{{{{{Di}}}}}}}} This has been an ordeal and a half. But I like how you're thinking....Odie is loved and that's top priority. You have Miss Gracie and the two of you will keep moving forward. Photos are wonderful to remember him...that is, if you can't visit him in person.

    Looking forward to seeing your sewing work.

  6. Odie is a special kitty to get all of that lovin'.

  7. This is one loved little kitty! As long as his home is loving and safe, I don't think it matters where he lives - you and Pam have his welfare as a priority, no one can blame either you for that!!!


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