Saturday, February 2, 2013


Been going on here the last '2' days!!!
Just went shopping for some of those 'things' you need each month--
like cat food!!
Did get into Micheals and there I found '2' great counted cross stitch books--
and to Joann's--found a doll pattern that I had been looking for for awhile!!
and froze--everytime my girl friend got out to go in a store it got colder and colder!!!
Did stop at Walmart on way home and I got '2' new batteries for '2' watches--
why is it when I dies they all die--it seems!!!!

Today was just a sorta lazy day --
the week had totally wiped me out--
did a bit of online shopping--
just again things I needed mostly--no fun, though!!

So what have you all been up to?????
Sure hope things have been a bit more 'exciting' at your house???
Hugs, di and miss gracie

PS thanks for all your kind words of understanding with the Odie issue--
I do really feel that he is happy and at home at the yarn shop for now!


  1. Hi Di-- I am sooo excited.We are getting our fist snow here today. We only have one or two snow falls a season so it is very exciting to us when we do get some.It snowed for about 30 minutes earlier today, but it was so warm it melted. You won't believe this--some of the flakes were about 2 inches wide--no kidding--the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen! But now it is snowing again and staying on the ground.It is sooo pretty.
    It has been one of THOSE days for me, too.I did what I had to do but not much else.
    I wish there was a Michaels and a JoAnn shop here. You are so lucky. The closest ones around here are about an hours drive away.If we were able, I could spend the whole day there.
    I have a question for you. What kind of pen do you mark your fabric with when you are going to embroider it?I have been using a disappearing pen, but I have a lot to do and the marks are going away and I am having trouble getting the words to line up.I would welcome any imput on this subject.
    I will go now. Have a great,warm and peaceful night!

  2. Even when you are not sewing you do seem to keep yourself very busy! At least you can visit with Odie when you go to the yarn shop!! Have a great week!!


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