Saturday, February 9, 2013


I did make it to the sewing room this afternoon--
for awhile--
and I worked on this project--
Had to make 24 hourglass blocks of 2 1/2"--
ah--yes--I do have more than 24 here--
but that is ok--they are not squared up yet--
and if one or two don't come out large enough--
I will still have lots to pick from--
so this Dolly quilt is coming along!!!

the weather--
we got very lucky here--
only about 3 inches--the last snow storm we had last month we got more than that--
but I think this one was 'icy-er' than the last one and it is colder out--I believe!!!
so I did my walking inside the building in the hall ways--
and worked on some hand quilting, wool work, cross stitching, and the sewing--
and and yes--Sunny--eating some chocolate--!!!
gotta keep up my energy--which is really lacking these days I think!!!

So be good and stay warm or cool where ever you are---
thinking of you all--
hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Glad you were not affected by the storm as others were. And, chocolate is definitely a must when it is cold and snowy out! Nola

  2. Cute kitty picture! I'm glad you didn't get so much snow. It snowed here on Friday, but nothing stuck. I hope you can get out tomorrow for a little fresh air! Aren't you glad I reminded you to stock up on chocolate?!?

  3. Looks like you used your indoor time wisely. Well done. What a cute kitty picture. You stay warm too.

  4. Your blocks look great! I'm glad you were able to get some sewing done! :0)

  5. Great little kitty picture!!! I'm always such a sucker for themLOL!!!!
    Looks as though you are making a good bit of progress with your hourglass blocks!!!

  6. blocks are nice and so are the beautiful kitties


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