Tuesday, February 26, 2013


into the last two days of February--
(and well--for some of you tomorrow may be the last day of the month!!!)
Anyways--rest assured that  I am working real hard to get some finishes done--
as this is a short month---
Today this is the first finish--
Another wool project--
and I can't believe how long this ended up coming out--(33")
sure didn't look this large on the pattern picture!!!!
but I do love it--
It is mounted on two pcs of the cake cardboard, like  I do for the counted cross stitching--
I will probably be finishing it off further--but not sure yet just how????
and late this afternoon I did get this finished--
This is called "Lollipop" and they used a Chroma Fingering yarn-
but I liked this yarn and it was a fingering yarn so I went for it--
I also make mine shorter--you know us short humans don't like stepping on the ends of our shawls!!!!

And this afternoon I pretended to be Danica Patrick and put my foot to the petal--
on the sewing machine==
I got more done on two projects--
first one is the 4 patch posie one--
We are nearly ready for the outside borders on this one--
and while doing this one--
I kept working on the leaders/enders project--
This is a mini charm pack of Etchings line-- I did not do any matching here--
just did 9 patches any ole way--which was kinda fun!!!
ready to finish this one off too--

Well--we are not in line for some ice/sleet/snow for the next 24 hours--
and I am out of chocolate!!!!
you--bloggers are just slave drivers that I did not take time to take the bus
to wal mart today for that much needed 'fuel'--chocolate--
sooooo--tomorrow might turn out to be an interesting day--hu?????

Alice is the winner of yesterdays guess--as it was the wool project--
but thanks to everyone who guessed--I love seeing people answer a fun question!!!
So what are you trying to finish by the last day of Feb????

Oh and the color bom is now in a button for you at the top of the list of blogsites
here on this page on the right hand side!!!
So pop over and have a looky-see!!!!
what I like is the fact that you can pick out your own block and you can make it as scrappy as you want to--
so get to it !!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Your wool proverb looks great! You have been working very hard so it is appropriate. I must go do the same and finish finish finish!

  2. Hi Di. All of your projects are looking great. The wool project would make a nice pillow.
    Hope you had a good day today and things weren't too bad. It is getting very cold here-a chance of snow for the weekend. When it is cold, I don't go into the sewing room. That room doesn't stay warm enough for me. But I can always bring my machine into the kitchen. That way I can still get something done.
    Hope your day is great tommorrow!

  3. Hi Di.... great to see what you have been up to!!! Love your wool project/s!! I'm hoping for a better show next time round as the wool kit I was to do is still in it's little plastic bag!I think I am still in catch-up mode! Hope you survive your day without chocolate!!

  4. Hey there Di & Miss Gracie... missed so many posts so I have some catching up to do!
    I did finish my wool project by the skin of my teeth... :)
    Joy xxx

  5. You are so busy Di! Your blog looks so sweet and spring-like! Love seeing what you have been up to!

  6. I love the wool project with the saying on it!! Those sheep look awful cute!! Well done on getting your shawl completed!! It doesn't sound as if your winter is packing up and leaving any time soon, so you'll probably get some use out of that shawl this year!!! We've officially started Autumn....


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