Sunday, March 31, 2013


And it is still winter--
just the same it is also Easter Sunday--
Easter Joy--
Thank you Jesus!

an Easter rabbit?????
Love to all--Di and Miss Gracie

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Easter gift today!!!!
It was a beautiful sunny day here today--
so I had to go over town---
second stop was the quilt shop--
bad mistake--
I have been wanting some of this rabbit fabric for awhile now--
but kept telling myself that until I had a plan for it--
it was staying right there--
well--today when I walked in-
Look at what was right beside it?????
ahhh--double temptation !!!!
when wondering around--this bolt jumped off the shelf into my arms--
and on the shelf right door to it--
this one did not even think twice about jumping in to my arms!!!!
I guess I really should have some blue now--
to go with those pretty blue watering cans--
and I found this one--and one with some pink and purple flowers on it--tooooo!!!
so what is a quilter to do???????
and while the gal was cutting these--
I seen this yellow one in the basket to go back on a shelf and I just had to have me some toooo!!!
for my yellow stash!!!
So talk about Rabbits multiplying!!!! so can fabric!!!!!

Now to tell you about my first stop over town today--
it was at the yarn shop--
and one reason I went there today was to give away 2 good sized bags of fabric--
that's right--I cleaned out my fabric shelving and donated alot of large bright colored fabrics to one of the sales gals at the yarn shop for her missionary group to make aprons and book bags for overseas--
ahhh--I know--

but really they had rabbits on the first fabric and it is Easter--
and they are just a small bundle---

and for a knitting story--
I got this far on a new knitted shawl cape--
when I noticed on the directions in tiny print that I was to do--
rows 6-9-----5x's not one time--
and I was on row 27 at this point--
so what's a girl to do--
but to 'tink' it all out --to row 6 or 7 and start in again--
so that is what I did--good girl--hu??????
took this photo on the way home today at 3:30pm--
now you all be good tomorrow and stay out of the kids Easter baskets!!!!
Ok--you can have a jelly bean or two!!!
this is done by a local artist here in town and wanted to share it!!!

Is it Easter yet?????
Hugs, Di and that miss gracie

Thursday, March 28, 2013


As you can see--
mine are growing very lovely this year--
I had gotten the cross stitching done a day or so ago--
and it was laying in on my cutting counter in the sewing room--
and when I went to see how I wanted to finish it--
that ole 'light bulb' hit me in the head--
and away I went with the idea--
I made me a small towel to hang with it---
the design was small enough that I had only used the bottom half to stitch it on--
thinking I would cut the cloth in half when I finished it and stitch something on the other half--
and I am so glad I did that--
cause I have this to look at now--
Spring is on it's way--
I even seen my first Robin on Tuesday--
I don't usually see them until much later!!!!

and I sorta worked on Easter decorating--
Ahhh--well--I can see everything and enjoy them--
does this count???????????????
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


who say's spring isn't here yet????
look at what I found today in my 'garden'?????
Lets see this 'variety" of flower is called--"birds on white"!!!!
another new variety here called--'whoooooo's in color"--
the seeds are available through your local fabric store!!!!

and I looked out the window at one point--
and seen--
I couldn't tell if it was 'rain--snow--sleet" and it probably didn't know what it wanted to do, either???

and can you see that the house is about cleaned up--
one more day of work and it will just be lawn!!!!

Looks to me like someone is hiding behind this sign--
wonder why he is hiding?????
He probably wants to keep his 'ears'!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


the blue house and the garage where Miss Gracie was born across the street--
came down today--
one bigggggg bite at a time--
so this year I don't have to worry about a kitty having babies in there---
as I did see some cats go in and out the window to the garage!!!

Just "5" days to Easter and then the last of the month---
Are you ready?????
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Monday, March 25, 2013


For as long as it wants to be---
is what I say--
but then when winter is tired and does hibernate--
then Spring can come and stay!! with warmer temps each day--
and no late frosts or storms to destroy the new buds and growth--
this is my 'theory' and I am sticking to it!!!!

Got some 'Spring finishes' though--
Yep--I am still on 'felt' work---
here is 4 cute circles of spring things--
think I will 'pin' them to a ribbon to hang on my old wood cabinet door--
time will tell???????
Had fun stitching these --
I have gotten this far on this one--
the rabbit is a leftover from another wool project and I did design and stitch the daffodil and it is also a leftover from a project--the bunny needs an eye-
but you got any other ideas what to add to this---
or how for me to finish it????????

Are you decorated for Easter????
I got a start on Sunday--
Got the Easter decorations down from the top shelf!!!!!!!

I have started 2 new shawls for knitting--
and have been 'bad' as I am reading books--
instead of doing all the sewing I guess I should be doing!!!!!

and what have you been up to?????
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Bet you will be surprised to see that I have actually---
drum roll here please---
worked with that new pile of monkey fabrics--
to produce/create this--
another new tote bag--front side---
do you think that 'Di' likes tote bags????
I made the outside pockets a bit larger on this one--

back side--
and inside--
had to do some piecing for the linning as I only got smaller pieces!!!
and I do have some leftover--now what to do with them????

and a Spring counted cross stitch is finished--
Bunnies and more bunnies--
I enjoyed stitching these bunnies--there is 2 more patterns of bunnies with this pattern--
but I have went on to something that is springy for now!!!

Nearly have a felt project finished to show and should finish knitting a shawl tonight--
so I am buzzing right along here--
now--if the maid shows up for the week end, I can get lots done--
but someone said she is stuck in a snowbank somewheres--

anyone spotted her, yet?????

Hugs, di and miss gracie

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